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September Numbers Revised

Hi friends,

So..,I forgot to include something in our September numbers.  Dividend was paid…and that’s income…right? However, I didn’t add that to our income…duhuh. Originally, these were the numbers:

September 2015
Mortgage: 34.40% (+0.29)
Emergency fund: 186.8% (-31.6% because we invested a bunch of stocks! Still…way too much cash for my liking….)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 18.76% (When will we pass 20%??)
Savings rate this month: 32% (Boohooh, October is going to be worse…we booked a holiday home for a week. However, that’s something we’re really going to enjoy! ❤ )
Savings rate this year: 43% (Ok)

Now that I included the dividend paid, we managed to boost our savings rate to 35% that month. Woot!

From now on, I will always add dividend to our income. Our VWRL stocks pay dividend in March, June, September and December. Our Meesman stocks will provide dividend mid-year, however the dividend is reinvested automatically. That’s still income, right?


Mrs EconoWiser


Dear friends,

These are last month’s numbers:

October 2015
Mortgage: 34.49% (+0.09)
Emergency fund: 100.01% (we’re ALL IN investmentwise! WOOHOOH!!! As of now we’ll keep our emergency fund at 100% and invest all our surplus money on top of our monthly investments. Yeah, baby! Oh, and the 0.01% was interest paid on these savings accounts)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 19.96% (+ 1.2% due to the stock market! And: ARGH, just 0.04% shy of 20%!!!)
Savings rate this month: 37% (Hey, not bad as we went on a weeklong holiday! )
Savings rate this year: 42% (Hmmm, I’d like to keep this above 40% this year…50% seems a bit too adventurous for us right now…)

I am VERY excited about the fact that we’re already at 1/5 of our FI journey!

And even MORE excited about the fact that we are now ALL IN!!! Which means that we’ll keep our emergency fund at 100% (unless an emergency requires us to dig into that fund, I can’t tell you the number, it’s somewhere between 0 and 50K 😉 ) and throw all surplus money at the stock market on top of our monthly investments. Woohooh!!!

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser


Decluttering: Almost There…..And The Market Is At It Again!

In the rare moments I have some spare time to do something useful these days I choose to declutter. And the hubby is dragged into my new hobby, but he seems to be ok with that. We’re almost there in the sense that “there” means we went through all our stuff and tossed many things out. We still need to rearrange some things and we’re still in doubt about some stuff. I find it very intriguing that we seem to value our stupid stuff so much. I’m addicted to The Minimalists. I’m still a rookie, though.

This week our VWRL dividend was paid out. That, and the market is at it again. Last month the hubby chickened out…but he found faith and huge chunks of cash went to buying stocks. Next month it’s my turn and we’re getting closer to the point where we will have invested everything but our emergency fund. I’m very much looking forward to that. Oh, and I’ll be reinvesting the dividend, compound interest rocks!

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser

Sometimes Things Don’t Go According To (My) Plan…

Soooooooo, last week I went into this stock buying frenzy. Which was awesome! I swiftly wired a lot of money to my brokerage account and got things going. I bought a lot of stocks at 55/56 euros each. Woot!

However, the hubby wasn’t able to wire a lot of money that fast to his brokerage account. He managed to buy extra stocks at around 55/56 as well. However, when the larger chunk of his money arrived, prices had gone up already….and he chickened out! Argh! So now he wants to go back to the original plan and stick to investing chunks on a monthly basis. Damnit! We were so close to lump sum and finally getting it all in there.

Oh well, sometimes things don’t go according to my plan.

I am curious as to how much we managed to invest in percentages. I’ll get to that this evening.


Mrs EconoWiser


Long time, no hear. I know! I felt like I didn’t have that much to add to the wonderful blogging community already out there. Plus, I was in survival and minimalist mode anyway. We purged our home Kondostylish, which was a bit of a challenge with the two little ones. We are now well on our way and most of the things on our to-do-list are done! Yeah! Oh, and tomorrow I’ll start something that’s called work again…

Anyway, I’d really like to talk about the stock market!!! Woopwoop! We lots thousands of euros this past week….and I’m thrilled and happy and excited I just want to get up and dance. Why? Am I a complete nutter? Perhaps, but ladies and gentlemen, STOCKS ARE ON SALE!!!!

Let me repeat that: STOCKS ARE ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaah, this is what I used to feel during the end of season final sale for clothes, shoes and other crap. The big difference is that all the crap I bought on sale then is worth nothing now. Whereas the stocks we have bought and will buy shortly will be worth so much more a couple of years from now and will bring us FREEDOM, baby, yeah!

The husband and I have now decided to wire all our investible (is this a word?) money to our investment accounts and start buying VWRL in large chunks. Oh, yeah! And we’ve also made a pact that if we think stocks are still a good deal, we could use a part of our emergency fund (the amount we set I find too high anyway…the hubby likes to play safe) and throw that at the stocks sale as well.

Jlcollinsnh (need to find the specific article in order to place a link, it’s somewhere in his wonderful stock series) thinks a crash at the start (well for us, that would be a bit further than the beginning, but ok) of your investment career is the best thing that could happen to you. Again, thank you very much, Uncle J.!

I am not clairvoyant. I have no idea whether this is actually the start of another crisis, I don’t know how long things will last, I have absolutely no clue what forces cause ups or downs in the stock market. I do not give any advice, you are responsible for your own choices.

I’m off, buying more stocks.

Hasta la vista, baby!

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. As a matter of fact, I think the hubby and I are going to do a little happy dance tonight. Freedom, here we come!!!

Up She Goes

The stock market, that is. When we started investing in VWRL about a year ago we paid about €48 per stock. As we speak they’re about €61-somethingish. Wow!

At the start of this month I managed to buy a chunk of them at €56. February is the hubby’s turn again.

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to hit the “buy” button when you’ve paid less for the stocks a couple of months ago. Maybe this is also why wannabe-investors keep putting off buying stocks because they want to time the market?

This is also why I really like Meesman. Our money is transferred to them each month automatically and they’ll buy the stocks for us at a set moment in time. In that case do not know what the going rate is.

If you’re interested in DIY investing you need to be tough! And be daring enough to ride out the storms, but also buy at “peak prices”. (But of course you don’t know whether they’re peak prices or not!)

On a more personal note: I am dog tired. Next week Wednesday is my final day at work and I cannot wait. My back aches a lot and I need a lot of sleep. Luckily, I get a lot of help.


Mrs EconoWiser

Angry Investors

So, investors are angry with Alex because of disappointing results over 2014. For the non-Dutch: this broker has aggressively advertised during the past years about their investing performances in the past. They boosted about being able to beat the market. There were impressive tv commercials about how they would sell when stocks were about to drop and buy when they were about to increase, taking time-outs based on their technical analyses. However, as predicted in any book or study you pick up about index investing….active investors might be lucky for a while, many investors hop on and there you have it…they can’t meet expectations anymore. That’s exactly what happened here. The fees are killing investor’s capital growth and the investment approach is plain guessing. Well….duh…we know!

I have stated my opinion on investing with Alex before in a reader case study and, luckily, this reader decided against investing with Alex after all.

I just don’t understand why people don’t do their own research on investing, educate themselves a bit and then make a conscious decision instead of making a decision after wathing a commercial on tv. I mean, those are your hard-earned euros! Who’s going to take the best care of them? Right, you!

Oh, Meesman scored 19.3% with their world-wide fund. Snaps for index investing!


Mrs EconoWiser