Welcome to my blog about spending wisely and saving sensibly. I am addicted to everything that has to do with FIRE, as in Financial Independence Retire Early. Oh, and I LOVE jlcollinsnh.

In this blog you can read about our adventure to become financially independent in The Netherlands. Just a little peek into our lives. You’ll read about the conscious choices we make (and made), but also about the mistakes we make (and made…loads of those to share…).

Why start a blog yourself if the inspiration comes from another blog? Easy. This blog gives us focus, I am able to practise my English (feedback more than welcome!) and hopefully it will inspire others who aspire the good life of financial independence.

Shoot me an email over at econowiser at gmail dot com (trying to avoid spambots here).


Mrs Econowiser

All advertisements on this website are operated by WordPress.org. I do not make any money on these advertisements and I do not endorse any of the companies that are advertised. I also don’t have any affiliate links on my blog. Links to books, for example, are there to support the author. 

20 thoughts on “About

  1. zeldesse

    Hello, good to find you in the blogosphere. I am a fellow Dutch Mustachian, and will follow your blog now too!

  2. Iforonwy

    Glad to find something with a European perspective. We hear so much about the Euro-zones that are in trouble but how are things in Holland? We are in the UK and follow Mr MMM. Started years ago over at the Simple Living boards and managed to get FI in a decent timeframe.
    By the way my DH has a large moustache and his nick-name is Dutch so I think we will be watching you posts quite regularly!

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi there Iforonwy! Great to have someone like you here at Econowiser. I have to say, here in Holland house prices are still ridiculous and more and more people are getting under water. However, I also feel that most people are unwilling to face the facts and continue to live and spend as if nothing’s going on. They are unwilling to give up the things and habits they acquired and don’t want to (what in their eyes is) lower the standards of living. Wake up, people!!!

  3. Valhalla

    I am glad I found the mr Moustache-blog, thanx to you 🙂 So I have some reading to do. I am amazed how many people are complaining, but keep shopping and watching tv, to numb to do something about their situation. Time to wake up indeed!

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi Valhalla, yeah that blog is awesome! I just love his attitude and his writing style. I feel like I am not a drone anymore. Glad to have helped you finding MMM. I would start with the very first blog and work my way through to the most recent one. I have done this and I am going to do it again, soooooo entertaining AND motivating to retire early!

  4. JP

    Great to see others following MMM 🙂 I’m a German living in the Netherlands. I’ll follow your blog along Jlcollinsnh’ and Mr. Money Mustache’s from now on.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi, welcome JP! And congrats with Carina Vogt’s gold medal in women’s ski jumping. It was about time women were allowed to compete in this sport at the Olympics. What an epic first gold medal in this sport!

      Are you an index investor already?

      1. JP

        Thanks! Yes I am already an index investor since 2007. 100% ETF though – don’t know if it’s worth the trouble to get those vanguard funds. Unfortunately I didn’t stick strictly to my asset allocation – so I am to heavy on cash now.

  5. dividelephant

    Hi Mrs. EconoWiser,

    maybe you saw it already anywhere else – at the moment, the “Liebster Blog Award” seems pretty polpular and as I love to surf over to your blog, I nominated you respectively your blog for the Liebster Blog Award; you just have to answer five questions and can nominate other bloggers if you want.


    Keep the good work up and all the best from Austria,

  6. ambertreeleaves


    Nice to find an european index investor blogger. My main investing style at this moment is indexing. Like you it found a lot if info via Mr moustache and via jlcollinsnh.

    Enjoy the kids and best of luck with your investing.

    Amber tree

  7. elmariachiism

    Found your blog (and MMM and jlcollinsnh, all in at the same day). I’m a 25 portuguese living in Germany just started working, no debt whatsoever, no car, no mortgage no TV nor cable contract (only internet :D) so I guess I already live pretty frugaly! I want to start investing in my future but Germany seems extremely complicated tax-wise and Vanguard’s funds are non-transparent in Germany, which means they will be taxed a lot more!

    I was thinking about putting my money into a Accumulating fund domiciled in Germany (something like iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF which i can buy fee-free with ing-diba) and then sell it when eventually Vanguard is properly available here.. Bad idea?

    Or do you know what are people in Germany using in alternative to vanguard?


  8. whatlifecouldbe

    Hey econowisers! Good to hear that there are other mustachians in Europe! We live in Germany, are addicted to the same blogs and we reached FI this year. We’re also planning a European FI Week first time in june probably 2016. Would like to here your thoughts on that.
    Hope to meet you in person at some point! If you’re planning a trip to southern Germany, you are welcome to Stuttgart!
    All the Best

    Mr W (from http://whatlifecouldbe.eu)

  9. Guada

    Hello Mrs EconoWiser 🙂
    I am an expat in NL, didn’t expect that I would be staying here for 5yrs now. Now have a Dutch partner and with 2yo lovely daughter. Thanks for jlcollinsnh stock-series Part 11 🙂 I found you!!

    I will follow your blog and very positive to also learn from you 🙂

    I have load of questions in my head but will keep them first on my personal note until ive seen all your posts here (maybe they are already answered somewhere). Mostly in on how you manage your income tax return. I am very big fan of GoCrurryCracker, as like them I like to save a lot from if not at least very minimal taxes in all legal way.. so I wonder how you manage your Box3 with all your vanguard incomes 🙂

    I am also hoping to start my own blog once I got all my numbers into place 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration from you and nice to see someone from NL as well



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