Sometimes Things Don’t Go According To (My) Plan…

Soooooooo, last week I went into this stock buying frenzy. Which was awesome! I swiftly wired a lot of money to my brokerage account and got things going. I bought a lot of stocks at 55/56 euros each. Woot!

However, the hubby wasn’t able to wire a lot of money that fast to his brokerage account. He managed to buy extra stocks at around 55/56 as well. However, when the larger chunk of his money arrived, prices had gone up already….and he chickened out! Argh! So now he wants to go back to the original plan and stick to investing chunks on a monthly basis. Damnit! We were so close to lump sum and finally getting it all in there.

Oh well, sometimes things don’t go according to my plan.

I am curious as to how much we managed to invest in percentages. I’ll get to that this evening.


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Sometimes Things Don’t Go According To (My) Plan…

  1. ambertreeleaves

    Look at the bright side… you were able to get some nice value deals… May be not as much as you wanted, but still more than none..
    Did you pick up some trackers? Or did you go individual stock this time?

  2. Opnieuw Beginnen

    Zoiets als jouw man had ik ook. Bedacht ‘s avonds welke AEX call ik ‘s morgens rond half tien zou kopen, was ik te druk met andere zaken. Spijt dat ik had. Met een lage in investering had ik zo duizend euro kunnen verdienen.
    Ik ben hier zo sjacherijnig om, dat ik de rest van de koers omhoog njet meer meemaak,
    Eind december of na september nig een keer,
    Het was voor mij een leuk jaar, telkens 1 call. Soms winst skms verlies. Ik heb nog steeds winst. Maar nu ben ik wel blij met de rust,

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Econowiser,
    I read you have been investing in both Vanguard (via Binck) and Meesman. Now that you have experience with both, do you still divide your investments between these two or do you focus on one index fund?


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