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Ridiculous Impulse Buying

The closing down sale is ridiculous. I already turned over a couple of thousand. I mean…these people woke up this weekend not wanting to buy the shit they bought…but they did. Funny how I’ve changed my view on consuming. I started the business 7 years ago and I was a spendthrift myself back then. Now, I feel a bit guilty for tricking people into buying the greater part of my stock. But on the other hand…instead of writing the stock off I’m making money off the stuff…and making some customers happy??? I don’t know about the latter part, but the spendthrifts amongst my customers will certainly be happy with their purchase…for about ten minutes, because that’s how that works….doesn’t it?


Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. Please, be nice! 🙂


Closing Down Sale

I’ve been extremely busy with the closing down sale of the side business. Everything is ready and tomorrow we’ll send our customers a newsletter about the extreme sale prices.

Yep, I’m trying to tempt people to buy this shit. This is exactly why I’m going to quit the side business. Since I am not a person to buy useless shit anymore myself I couldn’t cope with selling people shit. I’d rather help them get their finances in order.

Hopefully the holiday season will help getting most of our stock sold. This is also why I waited with the sale…people are more inclined now to buy other people presents.


Mrs EconoWiser

Is This The Crash We’ve Been Waiting For?

The stock market is tanking! Yes!

The hubby is more and more inclined to throw even bigger sums of money at the stock market.

I’d love to get that emergency fund down to 100% and the rest invested!


Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. Right now our VWRL stocks have dropped under €50! For the first time in months! I’m going to transfer some cash to my investment account, ha!

This Month’s Numbers…I Discovered A Dumb Mistake In My Excel Sheet…We’re Much Closer To FI!

Have I ever told you I am a blonde? 😉 In The Netherlands we have all these dumb blonde jokes…and I now feel like one…

September 2014
Mortgage: 32.55% (0.15% increase)
Emergency fund: 392% (4% decrease, due to money going towards stocks, stocks are not included in our EF since they’re not liquid assets)
OMG! I have discovered a mistake in my Excel sheet…. the formula only added our Meesman accounts to our ‘Stash and didn’t include our BinckBank account…. D’OH D’OH D’OH….I never added these accounts to the formula after we started to invest with Vanguard at the start of this year…let’s blame the pregger hormones 😉 Anyway….we’re closer to being FI than I thought….woohoo!
Stash (=EF + stocks): 15.14% (20% or 1/5 here we come!)
Income to spending ratio this month: 59% (yeah! Even with a couple of extravagent expenses this month we managed to keep our spending below 60%!)
Income to spending ratio this year: 61% (<60% here we come!)

I mean, seriously, how could I not have noticed this mistake for months? Luckily the outcome is a pleasant surprise.

I implemented the formula for all previous months of this year and here’s an overview of our ‘Stash:

  • January: 9.67%
  • February: 9.88%
  • March: 10.36%
  • April: 10.57%
  • May: 12.13%
  • June: 12.44%
  • July: 14.39%
  • August: 14.86%
  • September: 15.14%

Jeez, will we be able to double our ‘Stash this year? Okay, there was a windfall…but these numbers are extremely motivating, aren’t they?


Mrs EconoWiser