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Sorry. A friend (37) suddenly lost her husband (40) this week. I went to the ceremony this Wednesday and cried my eyeballs out. Money matters were just not on my mind this past week. I hope I’ll be able to write you a post this weekend.

Tell your loved ones you love them…every single day.

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser



Hi peepz!

Yeah, I’m alive and very pregnant! Our second baby is due around Easter next year.

I’ve just been so darn tired that I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ll write a couple of blogs this week and respond to questions.


Mrs EconoWiser

I Just Gave People Financial Advice…

And I loved giving it! They asked for my advice (which is something I should wait for instead of giving people financial advice who didn’t ask me for it) and I shared my view on their financial situation with them. It came down to: throw lots and lots of cash at your mortgage. (They’re an elderly couple with a mortgage that’s way too high for them…it’s higher than our mortgage, for cryin’ out loud!)

I really think I should become some sort of budget/howtohandleyourmoney/getoutofdebt type of coach person on a professional basis. It would just give me so much pleasure to help people out, giving genuine advice on how to handle their finances. The thing is…if I want to do this professionally I’d have to charge people money. However, asking people for money for my advice who are already in debt would make me feel rather uncomfortable.

So this is actually a very bad business model, haha!

I’ll go and think about this…any suggestions?


Mrs EconoWiser