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Decluttering: Almost There…..And The Market Is At It Again!

In the rare moments I have some spare time to do something useful these days I choose to declutter. And the hubby is dragged into my new hobby, but he seems to be ok with that. We’re almost there in the sense that “there” means we went through all our stuff and tossed many things out. We still need to rearrange some things and we’re still in doubt about some stuff. I find it very intriguing that we seem to value our stupid stuff so much. I’m addicted to The Minimalists. I’m still a rookie, though.

This week our VWRL dividend was paid out. That, and the market is at it again. Last month the hubby chickened out…but he found faith and huge chunks of cash went to buying stocks. Next month it’s my turn and we’re getting closer to the point where we will have invested everything but our emergency fund. I’m very much looking forward to that. Oh, and I’ll be reinvesting the dividend, compound interest rocks!

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser



Almost 38 weeks pregnant and swollen all over the place. I really hope to give birth within the next week or so.

We only bought the bare necessities (ha, now you’re stuck with the song in your head!) this time around. And, boy (pun intended), did we receive clothes from just about everywhere! The little kid now has so many outfits, I think he’ll outgrow many of them before having the chance to wear them.  It jus goes to show how much stuff there’s already there ready for you to use.

I’m so going to minimalise the house once I’m recovered from giving birth. Right now, it’s just physically impossible to start a project like that. I won’t have to go back to work until 26th of August, so there’s plenty of time to clear the clutter.

Life’s good!


Mrs EconoWiser