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Last Month’s Numbers

Dear all,

May 2015
Mortgage: 33.62%
Emergency fund: 307.5% (+11.5%)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 17.9% (+0.6%)
Savings rate this month: 54% (YAY!!! due to my “holiday money”, we’re still waiting for our annual tax return. So June should be a lot of fun as well.)
Savings rate this year: 38% (40% here we come!!!)


Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. Yes….two kids under 1.5 years old IS a lot of work…and a lot of fun!


Exciting Plans Ahead

Now that I sort of have more energy compared to being pregnant (haha, the baby boy doesn’t really know the difference between day and night just yet…) I sense that I am starting to get things going in my life again. As we do not desire to have more kids, our family is complete now. Having been pregnant for almost two years in a row has been tiring. My lower blood pressure dropped to 40 most of the time and didn’t go over 60. Yep…that meant feeling tired and having no energy at all…for 18 months in total.

Oh, wait, this wasn’t going to be a complainypants blog.

I’d do it again all in a heartbeat. We are thrilled with our kids! Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that I am able to do things again…if the kids let me 😉 My first round of decluttering Kondostyle was a huge success. I managed to fill up the whole car (!!!) with shit I don’t want anymore and drove it to a thrift shop collection point. I also have some exciting ideas for things I want to do on the Web. Still working on those ideas. I have also started to devour books again (low blood pressure even took away my appetite for reading!), yay!

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. Life is wonderful. Enjoy every moment and do not waste time and energy on things that aren’t worth it.

They Don’t Stick To The Plan…Ever…Right?!

Our little girl turned 1 this Thursday. There was a chance of Irish twins (two kids within a year), but that deadline has passed.

My water broke thirteen hours ago…but still there are no contractions to be felt. Kids…they don’t stick to The Plan… 😉

Hopefully we’ll be able to welcome our little boy this weekend.


Mrs EconoWiser


Almost 38 weeks pregnant and swollen all over the place. I really hope to give birth within the next week or so.

We only bought the bare necessities (ha, now you’re stuck with the song in your head!) this time around. And, boy (pun intended), did we receive clothes from just about everywhere! The little kid now has so many outfits, I think he’ll outgrow many of them before having the chance to wear them.  It jus goes to show how much stuff there’s already there ready for you to use.

I’m so going to minimalise the house once I’m recovered from giving birth. Right now, it’s just physically impossible to start a project like that. I won’t have to go back to work until 26th of August, so there’s plenty of time to clear the clutter.

Life’s good!


Mrs EconoWiser

We <3 Dividend!

Yay, dividend was paid out today! I really love the fact that our Vanguard FTSE All World stocks pay out a quarterly dividend. You can watch this compound interest theory doing it’s thing, yeah baby!

Next month it’s “my month” to invest the bigger monthly sum the hubby and myself agreed upon.

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright and I wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. I am looking forward to my maternity leave early February. Hopefully I’ll find the energy to blog a lot more…and clear out the house….and set up this new business thingy I have been thinking about…oh….right….and having this second (and final!!!) baby! 😉

Investing For The Kids

We are thinking about opening accounts with Meesman for each of our kids once the little man is born. Meesman has announced to finally get rid of the annual €25 euro fee per account. That’s great news for our purpose! They decided to change TER as well. This meant a decrease for emerging markets (0.65% -> 0.5%) and world-wide bonds (0.6% -> 0.5%). However, it also meant an increase for Euro bonds (0.3% -> 0.5%). The latter I can’t grasp and thus we won’t invest in Euro bonds. Such a pity, since TERs usually aren’t that high for Euro bonds when investing in mutual funds.

Anyway, we plan to start with €100 a month for each kid. Probably 80% world-wide and 20% emerging markets or 100% world-wide to keep things simple. The idea is to show them the wonderful world of index investing when they’re ready for it. In the meantime, they won’t know they own all this money because they won’t have access to this account. They’ll have their savings account which they’ll be able to access when they’re ready.

What do you think?


Mrs EconoWiser