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Index Investing: Another Lesson Learnt (Or: Learned For Americans ;-))

Phew…so I was bitchin’ about the fact that VWRL was too pricey at €49.50. Well…it only went up (of course). I put in an order at €50 and bought a shitload. So did the hubby. That was his investment for April, which was long overdue. It was my investment for May.

It does become difficult when human emotions come into the equation. And waddayaknow? You can’t get around that factor! Market timing is something we shouldn’t be doing. We tried it. We didn’t like it. And from now on we’ll stick to the game plan. Promised. Each month we’ll invest a set amount of cash into VWRL. Period. For real.

It’s the hubby’s turn in June and mine again in July.

This is exactly why I love our automatic investment scheme with Meesman.

However, we insist on investing with Vanguard as well. And I haven’t found an automatic way to do this on a monthly basis (yet). This means we have to buy the stocks manually every month and that means we get to see the prices and stuff. Oh well…this “investment problem” of ours is not the end of the world now, is it?

Thanks for all your feedback and keeping us on the right track when it comes to euro cost averaging.


Mrs EconoWiser


Last Month’s Numbers

April 2014
Mortgage: 31.74% (0.8% increase)
Emergency fund: 296.7% (more has gone into investments, yay!)
Stash: 9.5% (hardly an increase here)
Income to spending ratio this month: 78% (uhoh…the hubby went to a music festival, we bought an amplifier, bought several items at a baby store, a couple of annual memberships were paid for and the hubby got me expensive shoes for my birthday…I need special shoes due to my orthotics)
Income to spending ratio this year: 71% (Ouch! Would still like to get to >60%!)


Mrs EconoWiser

Can’t Post Last Month’s Numbers Just Yet

Hm…seems like there’s something wrong with my Excel sheet and I can’t get it fixed. I’ve entered all the numbers a week ago already. I had a hunch something was wrong, because the numbers just didn’t feel right. I’ve been meaning to ask the hubby to help me out with this…but the baby just takes a lot of time. And that’s okay! She’s started smiling now. 🙂

I can already tell you that money just keeps draining away…and ordering via the internet is just way too tempting right now, At this moment, she’s got a bit of a cold. And with the typical Dutch weather the past week, I haven’t been out at all.

Oh well…

Hopefully we’ll (the hubby) get the Excel sheet fixed tonight so that I can update the numbers.


Mrs EconoWiser