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Up She Goes

The stock market, that is. When we started investing in VWRL about a year ago we paid about €48 per stock. As we speak they’re about €61-somethingish. Wow!

At the start of this month I managed to buy a chunk of them at €56. February is the hubby’s turn again.

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to hit the “buy” button when you’ve paid less for the stocks a couple of months ago. Maybe this is also why wannabe-investors keep putting off buying stocks because they want to time the market?

This is also why I really like Meesman. Our money is transferred to them each month automatically and they’ll buy the stocks for us at a set moment in time. In that case do not know what the going rate is.

If you’re interested in DIY investing you need to be tough! And be daring enough to ride out the storms, but also buy at “peak prices”. (But of course you don’t know whether they’re peak prices or not!)

On a more personal note: I am dog tired. Next week Wednesday is my final day at work and I cannot wait. My back aches a lot and I need a lot of sleep. Luckily, I get a lot of help.


Mrs EconoWiser


Angry Investors

So, investors are angry with Alex because of disappointing results over 2014. For the non-Dutch: this broker has aggressively advertised during the past years about their investing performances in the past. They boosted about being able to beat the market. There were impressive tv commercials about how they would sell when stocks were about to drop and buy when they were about to increase, taking time-outs based on their technical analyses. However, as predicted in any book or study you pick up about index investing….active investors might be lucky for a while, many investors hop on and there you have it…they can’t meet expectations anymore. That’s exactly what happened here. The fees are killing investor’s capital growth and the investment approach is plain guessing. Well….duh…we know!

I have stated my opinion on investing with Alex before in a reader case study and, luckily, this reader decided against investing with Alex after all.

I just don’t understand why people don’t do their own research on investing, educate themselves a bit and then make a conscious decision instead of making a decision after wathing a commercial on tv. I mean, those are your hard-earned euros! Who’s going to take the best care of them? Right, you!

Oh, Meesman scored 19.3% with their world-wide fund. Snaps for index investing!


Mrs EconoWiser

The December Numbers

December 2014
Mortgage: 32.85% (1.15% increase)
Emergency fund: 329% (-71% due to the car purchase)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 15.22% (-1% due to the car purchase)
Spending to income ratio this month: 237% (including the car purchase) 68% without the car purchase…I was curious….
Spending to income ratio this year: 80% (including the car purchase) 64% without the car purchase…again…curiosity!

The fact that the car broke down messed up our cunning plan…oh well…shit happens.


Mrs EconoWiser