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Last Month’s Numbers

April 2015
Mortgage: 33.47%
Emergency fund: 296% 
Stash (=EF + stocks): 17.3% 
Savings rate this month: 34% (we splurged on a new born photoshoot and another baby carrier, I had to pay “my own risk” health insurance…it’s a Dutch thingy)
Savings rate this year: 33% (+1%!!!! I am hoping for a 40% savings rate this year…but 50% would be awesome.)

From now on I’ll pick up blogging again…promise! 🙂

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser


Buying Presents For Friends

Next weekend we’ll go to a combined birthday party. Two friends are throwing this party together. Within this group of friends we have an awesome tradition when it comes to buying presents for each other.

We all have digital wish lists which we can easily access online. So you’re always sure to buy somebody a gift that they really like. But here comes the coolest part: we’ll collect a whole bunch of money and then buy gifts collectively. This makes it possible to put more expensive and more useful items on your list instead of these €10 thingies. The cool part is that in the end you’ll spend less per person on these gifts…but you’re giving kick-ass gifts.

This time I offered to do the shopping. I just ordered everything online. 😉

Do you buy gifts collectively as well?


Mrs EconoWiser

November Numbers

As today is the first of December the November numbers are in!

December 2013
Mortgage: 31.01% (I continue to hate the fact that we can’t make extra mortgage payments anymore…)
Emergency fund: 309.18% (187% increase! Thanks to the endowment.)
Stash: 8.14% (4% increase, almost at 1/10 of being FI!)
Income to spending ratio this month: 57% (verrrrrrrrry happy about this!)
Income to spending ratio this year: 63% (1% decrease, yay!)

The husband and myself high-fived over our income to spending ration of this month. We “only” spent 57% of our income (I didn’t add the endowment to the income). The “unexpected” spending went to changing to winter tyres, a board game festival, a donation to help out the Philippines, a couple of presents, new bathrobes, maternity underwear, a second-hand nursery for my parents so that the little one can stay the night there sometime in the future, other second-hand baby stuff, one lunch with a friend and uncovered health insurance expenses.

Without all of these “unexpected” expenses we would have stayed well under a 50% income to spending ratio. We are so getting better at this! If we’ll really be able to spend less than 50% of our take-home pay we’d be FI in sixteen years. Cool, I’ll be 48 by then. Our goal is to have this mortgage paid off by the time I’m 50…so our ‘stash by then should more than cover our expenses. Whoohooh!

How did you do last month?


Mrs EconoWiser

We Booked A 3d Ultra Sound

It seems to be all the rage and the things you can see on those ultra sounds are amazing! We saw 3d ultra sound pictures compared to pictures of the same new-born and you could really tell they were the same child.

I thought something like this was going to be very expensive, but I was wrong. The ultra sound is “only” €85 and for an extra tenner you can get a DVD with all the clips and photos. We’ve booked a 3d ultra sound for our kid on 19th December (I’m almost 27 weeks then). The plan is to have a couple of photos printed, put them in a cute picture frame and give that to the grandmas and grandpas.

We think they’ll love their Christmas gift. What do you think?


Mrs EconoWiser

Grandma’s Shopping Spree

Yesterday we went to a baby store for the first time. I’m just not the type to “go shopping” when I found out I was pregnant. All the gear and especially the prices made me a bit dizzy. Apparently, most first time parents spend thousands on baby stuff.

Anyway, my mother (who now calls herself grandma-to-be :-)) wanted to buy her first grandchild a big present. Actually, we already agreed on her buying us a baby stool for the kid. We found out that a Tripp Trapp stool is the most durable thing one can have. It’s also very difficult to get them second-hand because one can use them for the first decade of a child’s life. Friends have had theirs for over ten years and are still using them. So we went to the store, grandma bought a white version including new-born carrier, a toddler harnas and cute lining.

White chair + new-born seat + beige textile


Baby seat


Cushions (our chair is white)



Pictures taken from

It’s a big present indeed, isn’t it?! We’re very happy with this gift. It was also a bonus that the chair was on sale at this specific baby store. Moreover, my mother’s best friend works at this store and through her she got an extra 15% discount. The whole package cost granny (and gramps…he’s not the type of person to go shopping at baby stores) €320. I would have really offended them if I didn’t take the gift or go shopping this big present for their first grandchild.

What would you have done?


Mrs EconoWiser

The Birthday Mini Break

Ah, the birthday mini break. It was great! We went to a little picturesque village called Dwingeloo and had a blast. We took our own bikes there and we cycled a lot in the area. We also went to this Dutch heritage park (Veenpark) about the history of our moors. Poor people used to build houses from peat and also dug it up to use for fires.

Anyway, the whole thing set me back about €450. Yes, it was rather luxurious. We ate in restaurants and slept in a comfortable hotel room. The memory…priceless.


Mrs EconoWiser

Baby Update

The little one is growing rapidly and I’m still extremely tired. Funny fact: my belly is growing very fast (it’s rather obvious that I’m pregnant) but I’m not gaining any weight. I even think I lost inches around my upper legs and upper arms. Is this baby eating away my fat?! I hope so! 😉 I’m certainly not bingeing, I eat healthy food and I just don’t have that much of an appetite.

My husband came home the other day with three bags full of baby and toddler clothes. A friend gave this to him. I sorted everything out. They’re mostly girl’s clothes and they look awesome. We don’t know the gender of our baby yet. We’ll visit the midwife this Friday, maybe she can detect the baby’s gender on the ultrasound. We’ll know for sure on the 8th of November. Then we’ll have our 20-week ultrasound (at which point I’ll be almost 21 weeks). I’m so excited!

Furthermore, I bought two baby carry things. One mini monkey which looks like this one. We intend to use it when the baby is still very small. It was €5 second-hand.

And a Kipling version (reminded me of that guy in The Hangover, haha!) for €7 second-hand. It sort of looks like this:

Both were hardly ever used and look great.

I’ve become enthusiastic about carrying the baby ever since reading Valhalla’s blog. I hadn’t thought about that before and just assumed putting the kid in a stroller in order to tag it along. This does seem more natural, intimate and an opportunity to bond much better.

I’m also reading a lot about breast-feeding. I hope to breast feed for at least six months.


Mrs EconoWiser