Books I’ve read and liked:

Personal finance
Your Money or Your Life
The Tightwad Gazette
The Milionaire Next Door
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The Simple Dollar
Life Planning

ReWork Book Review #1, ReWork #2, ReWork #3, ReWork #4,

The Four Hour Workweek

Personal growth
How to make friends and influence people
The Power of a Positive No
Getting Things Done
Making It All Work
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
The Eight Habit


5 thoughts on “Books

  1. Astrid

    The Millionaire Next Door: a total eye opener. That is one awesome book. Very inspirational. I’d recommend it to anyone!

    Rich Dad Poor Dad: that’s practically counter-culture. Especially in a knowledge and diploma based economy such as the Netherlands (and the US). This book completely turns over everything you ever thought was true about making money, and you KNOW he’s right. It’s just that no one has ever told us this, in fact they told us the opposite. A must-read for everyone who wants to be conscious about how the economy really works.

    I’ve read the sample for The Power of a Positive No. Considering reading the rest of the book.

    A book that’s inspired me recently is Essentialism. It talks about how to get things done and how to make choices to be effective. It’s about work, but also personal growth and setting goals. I highly recommend it.

    Great list, thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    The first book that I read about these topics was “Early Retirement Extreme”, by Jacob Lund Fisker. It is a bit extreme as its title suggests, but quite shocking. I very much recommend it.

    Books from Bogleheads are also very interesting. “The ETF Book” by Rick Ferri explains everything about ETFs.

    Bedankt en succes.

  3. Daniel

    About investing, the best books that I found are:
    – “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”, by Burton G. Malkiel.
    – “The Intelligent Investor”, by Benjamin Graham.
    They are striking. I recommend to read them because they provide a huge amount of insightful information. For example about “investment that do not work”, a very detailed analysis of strategies and why we, retail investors, can only lose our money when we try to apply them. They both support index investing.

    Another relevant book is “How to Make a Million in 10 Years”, by Maarten van Lier. An easy to read story about a person that achieved financial freedom. He talks about his own life, his experiences. He was fully invested in US stocks during 2008, he survived and eventually got it! Very optimistic and inspirational. As you may guess, he was born in The Netherlands. and emigrated to USA (I believe we still need a European hero…).

    “Life in the Financial Markets” by Daniel Lacalle. It describes life in the financial sector in London. What they say, what they make, how they make it. Very funny the sentences from the chat (all conversations amongst traders are recorded and supervised).

  4. Michael

    Very good book list EconoWiser! Just found your blog through JCollins.

    May I add a book that has really inspired me:

    The Richest Man in Babylon. A very nice novel explaining the benefits of savings and passive income in the old times. It’s an all-time great and applies to the present more than ever.


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