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This week was tiring, but great! We visited family for Christmas and they provided all the meals and entertaining. So there was no pressure whatsoever for us to think of Christmas recipes, do groceries, decorate tables and whatnot. This year’s Christmas was one of the best ever. Nothing fancy, just a simple meal with family. I hope we get to do this every year from now on.

Yesterday we spent €800 in a baby store. Ouch! About half of that amount was spent on a new maxi-cosi and a click-fix thingy. The second-hand maxi-cosi was over five years old and then it just isn’t safe in a crash anymore. That’s why we were willing to spend money on a new one. The click-fix thingy is a non-necessary item, we know. We will enjoy it a lot, though. It will save us lots of fiddling around with seatbelts. Oh well, we decided to treat ourselves to this luxury.

The other stuff consisted of things like a mattress, baby bath, blankets, towels and other items a baby needs. Combined with our second-hand purchases we spent about €1400 in total on the baby and we think we’ve got it all. I prepared the trip really well. I made lists of things we’d need so we were in and out in about two hours. Still, it was a very tiring experience. Why on earth would anybody want to hang around these stores on a weekly basis?

Because of all these activities I couldn’t find the time to actually write a blog. I’m still working on the index investing for Europeans total blog post. Also, the side business is extremely busy. The company’s bank account is taking in lots of ‘stash. Yay! January is usually also an extremely good month for my business. So I guess next month I will be rather busy with the side business as well.

The baby is still kicking like crazy and she tends to wake her mother a couple of times each night using her bladder as a trampoline. Oh well…

The husband will be leaving for his short snowboarding holiday on the 1st of January, early in the morning. I’m excited for him. He’s really looking forward to this, but he does feel a little bit guilty. I’m the one pushing him to go and enjoy it. I’ll be queen of the castle in the meantime and wash all this new baby stuff and fiddle around with other things on my to-do-list. Can’t wait!


Mrs EconoWiser



I have felt the little one kickin’ like crazy ever since 20 weeks. I’m now 26 weeks and a bit and the kickin’ is getting more and more noticeable. I am glad I feel the baby several times a day (and night….). It’s comforting to know that the baby is alive and having fun in its temporary nest.

I’m feeling great, the tiredness is almost gone and dare I say…I look great as well! Yes, this is definitely my favourite part of the pregnancy. I’m showing off my belly. ❤ The rest of my body hasn’t increased in size (well, except from the milk factory ;-)). I have only gained about 3.5 kilos up till now.

In January we’ll (yes, the hubby will come along!) start a course on breast feeding and one that will prepare us (haha!) on the delivery.

I love the fact that we’re really pregnant together. We talk about the baby and parenthood a lot. Every night, before we go to sleep, the husband puts his hand on my belly and feels the baby kicking.

It’s what modern dads do these days, right?!


Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. Our Christmas pregnancy belly


Buying Presents For Friends

Next weekend we’ll go to a combined birthday party. Two friends are throwing this party together. Within this group of friends we have an awesome tradition when it comes to buying presents for each other.

We all have digital wish lists which we can easily access online. So you’re always sure to buy somebody a gift that they really like. But here comes the coolest part: we’ll collect a whole bunch of money and then buy gifts collectively. This makes it possible to put more expensive and more useful items on your list instead of these €10 thingies. The cool part is that in the end you’ll spend less per person on these gifts…but you’re giving kick-ass gifts.

This time I offered to do the shopping. I just ordered everything online. 😉

Do you buy gifts collectively as well?


Mrs EconoWiser

This One’s Actually Making Some Sense

I was baptised as a baby, so officially I am a Catholic. However, just like many other fellow Dutch(wo)men I do not practise my religion. I’m from the south of The Netherlands where we don’t go to Church…but we do attend the cool celebrations (especially when there’s booze involved ;-)) I never go to church…only when I am in a touristy mood and am exploring a city’s history. In fact, I really started to dislike (hate?) the old Pope’s message. Especially his war against same-sex marriage. Some people are gay (one in ten?!) so get over it! They deserve the same legal rights. It’s gonna happen anyway…get friggin’ used to it.

And the lost business opportunity is just crazy! There are so many gay people who would love to get married in a church. Chatching! Most of them are DINKs anyways and thus have dough to spend on this church thing…hello? Anyone from the Vatican marketing or finance department reading this? Oh well, your loss…

This new one (Pope) is actually making some sense. I hear things about this guy being extremely modest and living a very humble and frugal life. I like his message about practising frugality and I think it appeals to many people.

Nah, the Church will never be able to win my soul back…but they’ve gained a lot more respect on my part.

Do you think this Pope’s message will stick?


Mrs EconoWiser


The husband really really reaaaaaaaaalllly wants to go snowboarding. I’d love to go skiing (yeah, we’re a weird couple) as well…but that’s probably not the smartest idea at almost 26 weeks pregnant. 😉 He’s now looking into options to go with a friend for a couple of days. If there’s nobody who’ll come along with him I’ve offered to go to Winterberg with him for a couple of days in January. I’ll just read books in a nice chalet, or whatever.

This is just something we don’t want to eliminate out of our lives. We picture ourselves having fun in the snow with our kids in the future as well.

Yup, this is a luxury which we allow ourselves to indulge in.

And, aren’t I a wonderful wife for trying to do everything I can in order to let him have his snow fix for the season?!


Mrs EconoWiser