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September Numbers Revised

Hi friends,

So..,I forgot to include something in our September numbers.  Dividend was paid…and that’s income…right? However, I didn’t add that to our income…duhuh. Originally, these were the numbers:

September 2015
Mortgage: 34.40% (+0.29)
Emergency fund: 186.8% (-31.6% because we invested a bunch of stocks! Still…way too much cash for my liking….)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 18.76% (When will we pass 20%??)
Savings rate this month: 32% (Boohooh, October is going to be worse…we booked a holiday home for a week. However, that’s something we’re really going to enjoy! ❤ )
Savings rate this year: 43% (Ok)

Now that I included the dividend paid, we managed to boost our savings rate to 35% that month. Woot!

From now on, I will always add dividend to our income. Our VWRL stocks pay dividend in March, June, September and December. Our Meesman stocks will provide dividend mid-year, however the dividend is reinvested automatically. That’s still income, right?


Mrs EconoWiser


Dear friends,

These are last month’s numbers:

October 2015
Mortgage: 34.49% (+0.09)
Emergency fund: 100.01% (we’re ALL IN investmentwise! WOOHOOH!!! As of now we’ll keep our emergency fund at 100% and invest all our surplus money on top of our monthly investments. Yeah, baby! Oh, and the 0.01% was interest paid on these savings accounts)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 19.96% (+ 1.2% due to the stock market! And: ARGH, just 0.04% shy of 20%!!!)
Savings rate this month: 37% (Hey, not bad as we went on a weeklong holiday! )
Savings rate this year: 42% (Hmmm, I’d like to keep this above 40% this year…50% seems a bit too adventurous for us right now…)

I am VERY excited about the fact that we’re already at 1/5 of our FI journey!

And even MORE excited about the fact that we are now ALL IN!!! Which means that we’ll keep our emergency fund at 100% (unless an emergency requires us to dig into that fund, I can’t tell you the number, it’s somewhere between 0 and 50K 😉 ) and throw all surplus money at the stock market on top of our monthly investments. Woohooh!!!

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser