• Own at least 30% of our home Already nailed it by August 2013!
  • Pay off the interest-only part of our mortgage (= 1/7 of our total mortgage) Also nailed this one by August 2013!
  • Live off 75% of our income (so NOT spend 25% but save, invest and pay off the mortgage with)


  • Decide whether to pay off the rest of our mortgage (savings mortgage, we’d throw away our tax breaks and even risk a fine) or start throwing extra cash at index investing (future goals depend on this decision) -> We’ll already have to make this decision in September 2013 because of the fact that we paid off the interest-only mortgage so aggressively.
  • Live off 70% of our income.


  • Live off 60% of our income.

2031 (The year I’ll turn 50)

  • Own our home in full
  • Live off passive income

3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. whatlifecouldbe

    “2031 live off passive income” WHAT? We need to talk people and scrape off at least 10 years of this! Think about what other things you can do apart from investing in the stockmarket. In IT there are sooo many ways!

      1. Mr W

        no secret here. And no getting rich over night either. We started investing in real estate once we could afford downpayments. At some point I started a website which now generates passive income (banners/adsense). At the same sort of time I increased my income from work by becomming fully self employed (and charging 3 times more/hour). It’s not by any way a simple path but the combination of different income/investments feels safer than the being dependent on the stockmarket alone.
        Our original plan (in 2012 or so) was to reach FI when we’re 50. We’re 32 now and we’re there.
        I can only encourage everybody too try side hustle after side hustle. Some will fail, other will generate some nice income and others might generate passive income.
        How you invest the additional money, it’s a different story and depends what you prefer. You can just throw it all into the stockmarket and reach FI sooner.

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