November Numbers

As today is the first of December the November numbers are in!

December 2013
Mortgage: 31.01% (I continue to hate the fact that we can’t make extra mortgage payments anymore…)
Emergency fund: 309.18% (187% increase! Thanks to the endowment.)
Stash: 8.14% (4% increase, almost at 1/10 of being FI!)
Income to spending ratio this month: 57% (verrrrrrrrry happy about this!)
Income to spending ratio this year: 63% (1% decrease, yay!)

The husband and myself high-fived over our income to spending ration of this month. We “only” spent 57% of our income (I didn’t add the endowment to the income). The “unexpected” spending went to changing to winter tyres, a board game festival, a donation to help out the Philippines, a couple of presents, new bathrobes, maternity underwear, a second-hand nursery for my parents so that the little one can stay the night there sometime in the future, other second-hand baby stuff, one lunch with a friend and uncovered health insurance expenses.

Without all of these “unexpected” expenses we would have stayed well under a 50% income to spending ratio. We are so getting better at this! If we’ll really be able to spend less than 50% of our take-home pay we’d be FI in sixteen years. Cool, I’ll be 48 by then. Our goal is to have this mortgage paid off by the time I’m 50…so our ‘stash by then should more than cover our expenses. Whoohooh!

How did you do last month?


Mrs EconoWiser


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