Last Month’s Numbers

Dear all,

May 2015
Mortgage: 33.62%
Emergency fund: 307.5% (+11.5%)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 17.9% (+0.6%)
Savings rate this month: 54% (YAY!!! due to my “holiday money”, we’re still waiting for our annual tax return. So June should be a lot of fun as well.)
Savings rate this year: 38% (40% here we come!!!)


Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. Yes….two kids under 1.5 years old IS a lot of work…and a lot of fun!


4 thoughts on “Last Month’s Numbers

  1. Mr. FSF

    And the upward/downward trends continue, well done you!
    Any chance you can add your progress in a graph format? Would be great to see your progress over time.

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent numbers!

    You mention the annual tax return. Does this imply that you do not do the ‘voorlopige aangifte’? If not, you are probably missing out on some money. The ‘voorlopige aangifte’ effectively gives you the annual tax return in monthly instalments, rather than waiting until June each year.

    The monthly instalments can be invested and it compounds a little more.


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