Exciting Plans Ahead

Now that I sort of have more energy compared to being pregnant (haha, the baby boy doesn’t really know the difference between day and night just yet…) I sense that I am starting to get things going in my life again. As we do not desire to have more kids, our family is complete now. Having been pregnant for almost two years in a row has been tiring. My lower blood pressure dropped to 40 most of the time and didn’t go over 60. Yep…that meant feeling tired and having no energy at all…for 18 months in total.

Oh, wait, this wasn’t going to be a complainypants blog.

I’d do it again all in a heartbeat. We are thrilled with our kids! Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that I am able to do things again…if the kids let me 😉 My first round of decluttering Kondostyle was a huge success. I managed to fill up the whole car (!!!) with shit I don’t want anymore and drove it to a thrift shop collection point. I also have some exciting ideas for things I want to do on the Web. Still working on those ideas. I have also started to devour books again (low blood pressure even took away my appetite for reading!), yay!

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. Life is wonderful. Enjoy every moment and do not waste time and energy on things that aren’t worth it.


4 thoughts on “Exciting Plans Ahead

  1. ian

    +1 For decluttering! It’s very satisfying to empty a room full of trash leaving only the useful items behind.

  2. valhalla

    Oh heerlijk he? Ik vond het ook echt een bevrijding om bevallen te zijn. Gelukkig niet van die zware zwangerschappen maar niet kunnen doen wat je in je hoofd wil zuigt wel. En lekker opruimen… Fijn! Supermakkelijk hoor met twee van die kleintjes.

  3. Cleo

    Looking forward to your blogs on the online entrepreneurial adventures. I guess you’re not opening another webshop in self-made children’s clothes 😉 


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