ReWork #4


Embrace constraints – Limited resources makes you creative with what you’ve got. Stop whining and see how far you can get with what you already have.

Build half a product, not a half-assed product – – It’s better to have half a good product than a finished half-assed product. Get rid of the stuff that’s almost good and keep the things that are fantastic. This way you’ll kick some ass with a great product.

Start at the epicentre – Figure out where you should start and focus all your energy on that.

Ignore the details early on – It’s much better to fill in the details later. You can’t recognize all the details up front anyway.

Making the call is making progress – You can plan all you can, but things will go wrong. The longer something takes, the less likely it is to succeed. So make progress now.

Be a curator – It’s all about letting go of the stuff that isn’t world class. Let go of the rubbish and only include the best of the best in what you have to offer.

Throw less at the problem – Trim, trim and then trim some more. Sort out what truly matters.

Focus on what won’t change – The things that won’t change are the core of your business and worth investing in.

Tone is in your fingers – Don’t spend a fortune on fancy equipment and technology. As long as you’ve got something to say, anything will work.

Sell your by-products – Try to make money out of the things that accidentally become by-products.

Launch now – Why wait? Stop imagining what is going to work, go and test it out in the real world.

I have nothing to add. Go for it guys!


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “ReWork #4

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi there, our St Nicholas will be leaving on the 5th. That’s his “birthday” if you will. The parades are on right now. He “arrives” in the country three weeks before December 5th. This weekend was his official arrival in The Netherlands. Have fun in Amsterdam!


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