Book Review: ReWork #2

The first part of this book review you can find here.


Ignore the real world – don’t think things won’t work in “the real world”. That is an illusion anyway and has nothing to do with your situation.

Learning from mistakes is overrated – build upon things that work and learn from your successes instead of failures.

Planning is guessing – just give it up and focus on this week. You’ll always screw-up your long-term plans anyway.

Why grow? – the size of your company should be right for your company and it should not grow for the mere purpose of growing because that could really harm your business.

Workaholism – working overtime is overrated. Workaholics will achieve lesser results. The smart person makes normal hours and works very effectively during those hours.

Enough with “entrepreneurs” – be a starter, not an entrepreneur.

Again, all of these things I have punt into practise with my side business. I totally ignored other businesses and focused on mine. I found out that a certain product was selling really well, so I specialised in that product instead of trying to come up with a plan to sell the other products. I do not have long-term plans for my business, only vague ideas of what I would like. After five years my husband and myself are still the only ones working for the side business and it’s great. I do not spend more time than necessary in the business and I have a part-time job (4 days). I make sure that I do not work overtime on both. The entrepreneur thing doesn’t bother me, actually. So that would be my only critique here.

Stay tuned for the next part of my book review!


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “Book Review: ReWork #2

  1. zeldesse

    Typo in the Why grow. I think you mean: it should NOT grow for the mere purpose of growing.
    Otherwise: good lessons, thank you!

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