November Numbers

This post was long overdue…

November 2015
Mortgage: 34.72% (+0.23)
Emergency fund: 100.02% (the 0.02% is interest received)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 20.09% (+0.13% YEAH! We passed the 20% mark!!! Multiply this amount by five and we’re FI)
Savings rate this month: 21% (Bummer…the hubby bought extra days off so he was paid a lot less this month)
Savings rate this year: 41% (Hmmm, I’d like to keep this above 40% this year…50% seems a bit too adventurous for us right now…)


Mrs EconoWiser


One thought on “November Numbers

  1. Team CF

    Congrats on passing the 20% mark! Hope that you can keep the momentum going.
    The Saving Rate is also pretty good, we are struggling to keep it in the same range.

    Happy New Year and good luck with your journey to FI in 2016.


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