December Numbers

December 2015
Mortgage: 34.72% (+0.23)
Emergency fund: 100.02% (the 0.02% is interest received)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 20.09% (+0.13% YEAH! We passed the 20% mark!!! Multiply this amount by five and we’re FI)
Savings rate this month: 30% (Yikes, however…our mortgage payment for January was already collected this month, so we had two mortgage payments in December. It should relieve January 2016 off monetary pressure)
Savings rate this year: 40% (So, 40% it is!)

How did your 2015 fare?


Mrs EconoWiser


11 thoughts on “December Numbers

  1. Maia

    Nice! You’re doing so good!

    We’ve had a very good year! I’m glad to announce that we did get a 50% savings rate!
    At the start of 2016 we own 35% of our house and we expect to pay our mortgage of in about 7 more years. Then we can really save a lot!
    For now, next year will be slow financially. Mostly because we are expecting our baby in may and I won’t be working for the next year or two. But we have a good financial foundation!

  2. Team CF

    Ha, that is going to be one good savings rate for January! Even with two mortgage payments, you still saved 30% of your income in (an generally expensive) December, pretty good.

    Good luck in 2016.

  3. John


    I don’t see any contact form, so I’ll write here in the comments. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and it’s very interesting. Congratulations on your path to FI, I keep my fingers crossed!

    I’d like to ask whether you’d consider writing a post on brokers in the Netherlands. I’d like to invest in index funds (Vanguard or similar) but I have troubles finding a way to buy them, as I don’t know which brokers can be trusted and how to find one with reasonable fees. Would you mind sharing which brokers you use / tried?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Pascal

    Your last post on twitter is from two weeks ago. Is this blog going to continue? Hopefully all is well.

  5. A-non

    Is there any particular reason you stopped blogging? Your blog was one of the inspirations behind our blog. Hope to see more posts soon!

  6. Dominique

    Yeah, would definitely be a shame if you stopped with blogging. So hopefully you will return, because you kickstarted my plans and ideas for investing in the Netherlands.


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