The December Numbers

December 2014
Mortgage: 32.85% (1.15% increase)
Emergency fund: 329% (-71% due to the car purchase)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 15.22% (-1% due to the car purchase)
Spending to income ratio this month: 237% (including the car purchase) 68% without the car purchase…I was curious….
Spending to income ratio this year: 80% (including the car purchase) 64% without the car purchase…again…curiosity!

The fact that the car broke down messed up our cunning plan…oh well…shit happens.


Mrs EconoWiser


5 thoughts on “The December Numbers

  1. Dorf Diva

    Dear Mrs. E,
    I really enjoy your blog; thanks for writing it. What I don’t understand is how your EF can be 300%+. Does that mean it’s three times larger than you want it to be? If so, why don’t you move the money someplace else? did you explain this someplace else?
    Keep up the good work in 2015.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi Dorf Diva! Yeah…it’s more than three times as large as I’d like it to be. The hubby doesn’t want to do lump sum investing…so we’re putting large sums on a monthly basis into index investments…

      1. mustachianmd

        Hi econowiser. I am in the same situation. The wife is weary of investing and prefers to save. I think our EF is well beyond what we need, probably have 8 times our annual budget. I think posting your progress towards your retirement goal is a great idea.

      2. econowiser Post author

        Funny thing in our situation is that “normally” the woman is more risk averse. My husband is much more risk averse than I am. 😉 Maybe I’m just very much in touch with my manly side….(and he’s very much in touch with his feminine side? ;-))

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