Last Month’s And Last Year’s Numbers

The husband is off to Austria. He’s on a rather expensive snowboarding holiday up to and including Sunday. So the only sensible thing for me to do after waving and kissing him goodbye was calculating last month’s and last year’s numbers, right? I’m such a geek these days! 😉

December 2013
Mortgage: 31.08% (0.07% increase, I continue to hate the fact that we can’t make extra mortgage payments anymore…)
Emergency fund: 248% (4% increase)
Stash: 8.47% (0.33% increase)
Income to spending ratio this month: 79% (NOT fair since the mortgage was already taken from our bank account on 31st December 😦 Without that early mortgage payment it would have been 64%…but now we won’t have a mortgage payment in January 2014…yay!)
Income to spending ratio this year: 65% (bang on the lower challenge I set!)

Mind you, this was the year in which we went to Austria three times to have fun in the snow. We also bought some bits and bobs for our house and we spent dough on getting things ready for the kid. We went to a couple of music festivals and we treated ourselves to a two month indoor skiing membership during the summer. (Yeah, we like the snow) We also paid off the interest-only part of our mortgage. Furthermore, we saved a lot on groceries and we hardly went out for dinner or squandered money in likewise forms. We didn’t feel deprived of anything at all. I am actually rather proud of the fact that this year we spent 65% of our income compared to last year’s 84%! It’s all about spending money more consciously.

Are you happy with your 2013 numbers?


Mrs EconoWiser


One thought on “Last Month’s And Last Year’s Numbers

  1. valhalla

    I do not calculate the numbers like you do…. but I am kind of happy…
    I am so not happy with a garagebill of 1700 and 3600 euros, the 2500 to the dentist and 1300 in taxes we had to pay back, 1000 for putting our house on sale again… But I did pay off 5700 on the mortgage, got back 300 from e.on, we do have car which goes faster than 80 km/hour without losing parts or cables getting loose, and we had a great three weeks in Norway ❤


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