Meesman Lowers Transaction Fees

Ah, lower fees! That’s a great way to start the new year. Meesman has announced to lower its transaction fees as of today from 0.5% to 0.25%. That’s extremely good news! And I’ll have to change my calculations on costs because of it.

Meesman will exceed managing over 100 million euros this month. This small time broker is getting bigger.

I still love their philosophy. I phoned them two weeks ago and Mr Meesman himself spent about half an hour talking to me. I was able to ask him all sorts of questions and he didn’t make me feel dumb or anything.

I should really visit the annual meetings. “They say” Mr Meesman himself takes a bike to get there. Yeah, this is the kind of broker CEO that I love.


Mrs EconoWiser


9 thoughts on “Meesman Lowers Transaction Fees

  1. a Mustachian

    That’s certainly good news for those investing with Meesman. I just wish I had enough investment capital to not be phased by their €25 per annum fee. Seems pretty steep compared to Vanguard or Think. Still, I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen your final calculations.

    1. Grain

      I am sorry, I posted before the message was done. (And also in the wrong place)
      At what level of investment capital would you start to not be fazed by that fee, and why?

      1. econowiser Post author

        I started with €100 a month with Meesman. That amount has increased over time. I honestly think that, especially with the elimination of the dividend leak, it’s worthwhile investing with them even if they charge €25 a year.

      2. Grain

        I am examining my options, and that looked attractive. I am hesitant to invest where my stocks are not held by a Dutch custodian, and the transaction fees make Meesman look better than Binck.
        You seem to like Vanguard, how does that compare to Meesman’s Northern Trust?

      3. econowiser Post author

        I loooooooooooove Vanguard. Have you read jlcollinsnh’s stock series?

        With both Meesman as well as BinckBank your stocks are held by a Dutch custodian.

        Meesman is very very very interesting for index investors who would like to invest with smaller amounts on a monthly basis. They’re still interesting when investing a larger sum in one go.

        However, since they switched to Northern Trust and I love love love Vanguard I decided to keep investing with Vanguard via BinckBank. The husband and I do this on a bi-monthly basis and with bigger sums of money. Otherwise transaction fees are too high.

      4. a Mustachian

        Hard to say because it’s hypothetical, but I guess somewhere around €25,000. €25 is 0.1% of that sum, which seems about reasonable compared to the fund costs of 0.3 to 0.65%.

      5. econowiser Post author

        I’d like to respectfully disagree. Each deposit with BinckBank will cost me €10. So if you’re making more than 3 deposits a year it could pay off to start with Meesman. Especially when investing with smaller budgets. A €100 deposit each month will cost €3 in total in transaction fees (0.25%, €0.25 per transaction), add that to your flat fee of €25 and you’re good to go for €28 a year. You’ll have euro cost averaged by buying something each month and there’s no dividend leakage with their global fund. Each €100 will have cost you €2.33. It gets even more interesting if you can increase that to €200 or €300 a month. In the latter cases BinckBank would still not be interesting.

  2. Hank

    Question: what if you buy only once per year some Vanguard funds, is buying via Binck bank Basic Account cheaper than Meesman? Problem is that I cannot find out what Meesman is charging on top of Vanguard funds TER, they only give an indication on their web-site of total TER, but not how it is broken up between the actual Index fund and what they take.


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