This One’s Actually Making Some Sense

I was baptised as a baby, so officially I am a Catholic. However, just like many other fellow Dutch(wo)men I do not practise my religion. I’m from the south of The Netherlands where we don’t go to Church…but we do attend the cool celebrations (especially when there’s booze involved ;-)) I never go to church…only when I am in a touristy mood and am exploring a city’s history. In fact, I really started to dislike (hate?) the old Pope’s message. Especially his war against same-sex marriage. Some people are gay (one in ten?!) so get over it! They deserve the same legal rights. It’s gonna happen anyway…get friggin’ used to it.

And the lost business opportunity is just crazy! There are so many gay people who would love to get married in a church. Chatching! Most of them are DINKs anyways and thus have dough to spend on this church thing…hello? Anyone from the Vatican marketing or finance department reading this? Oh well, your loss…

This new one (Pope) is actually making some sense. I hear things about this guy being extremely modest and living a very humble and frugal life. I like his message about practising frugality and I think it appeals to many people.

Nah, the Church will never be able to win my soul back…but they’ve gained a lot more respect on my part.

Do you think this Pope’s message will stick?


Mrs EconoWiser


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