August Numbers

August 2015
Mortgage: 34.09% (+0.16)
Emergency fund: 218.4% (-94.8 because we invested a bunch of stocks! Still…way too much cash for my liking….)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 18.18% (-0.97% due to loss of value in stocks)
Savings rate this month: 41% (Nice!)
Savings rate this year: 44% (Happy!)


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “August Numbers

  1. 5 'o clock shade

    Congrats on investing a serious amount of cash in a well-timed stock market! It may not rise as explosively at first, but I’m sure it will generate better results than the cash did in a savings account at this point.

  2. Jelle

    Hi Econowiser. Great blog, I just found it and read a lot.

    I am also from the Netherlands and want to invest in index funds. But I am getting a bit lost with all the different brokers, dividend leakage, investing in euro’s or dollars, etc.

    Currently I have a “Zelf Vermogensopbouw” account at ING where I pay 0.22% +16 euro’s per year. All purchases of index funds are free of cost, but you do pay the additional costs of the fund (I picked index funds that have expenses between 0.06 and 0.25%)

    But I don’t understand everything. I have for example the index fund: Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Fund for 0.06%. However, the “Dividendbeleid” is “Niet uitkerend”. Do you know what this means? Is the dividend automatically added within the fund, or are there hidden costs?

    I am thinking about changing to Meesman, but it is more expensive with 0.25% per transaction and 0.50% per year. Another option is DeGiro, which costs nothing if you invest only once per month. This sounds, as you said in a previous blog post, too good to be true. But it seems to be the case.

    Then I also don’t really understand everything with the dividend leakage. If there is no leakage with Meesman, this saves a lot of money right? So then it would be the right decision to invest with Meesman.

    Aargh, I can’t seem to figure this out. I know that for now I don’t have much invested (only 4k, just started) and so the costs at ING are not that much. But I really don’t know what to do and I want to make the right decision because I will stick with it for 20 years to build my stache.

    Could you shed some light on this?



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