This Month’s Numbers…I Discovered A Dumb Mistake In My Excel Sheet…We’re Much Closer To FI!

Have I ever told you I am a blonde? 😉 In The Netherlands we have all these dumb blonde jokes…and I now feel like one…

September 2014
Mortgage: 32.55% (0.15% increase)
Emergency fund: 392% (4% decrease, due to money going towards stocks, stocks are not included in our EF since they’re not liquid assets)
OMG! I have discovered a mistake in my Excel sheet…. the formula only added our Meesman accounts to our ‘Stash and didn’t include our BinckBank account…. D’OH D’OH D’OH….I never added these accounts to the formula after we started to invest with Vanguard at the start of this year…let’s blame the pregger hormones 😉 Anyway….we’re closer to being FI than I thought….woohoo!
Stash (=EF + stocks): 15.14% (20% or 1/5 here we come!)
Income to spending ratio this month: 59% (yeah! Even with a couple of extravagent expenses this month we managed to keep our spending below 60%!)
Income to spending ratio this year: 61% (<60% here we come!)

I mean, seriously, how could I not have noticed this mistake for months? Luckily the outcome is a pleasant surprise.

I implemented the formula for all previous months of this year and here’s an overview of our ‘Stash:

  • January: 9.67%
  • February: 9.88%
  • March: 10.36%
  • April: 10.57%
  • May: 12.13%
  • June: 12.44%
  • July: 14.39%
  • August: 14.86%
  • September: 15.14%

Jeez, will we be able to double our ‘Stash this year? Okay, there was a windfall…but these numbers are extremely motivating, aren’t they?


Mrs EconoWiser


10 thoughts on “This Month’s Numbers…I Discovered A Dumb Mistake In My Excel Sheet…We’re Much Closer To FI!

  1. 5 'o-clock-shadow mustache

    That’s going well ! And you have enough emergency funds to solve four disasters at the same time! 😉 Can’t those assets been put to more use than sitting idle in a low-interest bank account? (I have noticed the stock markets dipping a little as we speak)

    1. econowiser Post author

      Oh, I would love to dump the greater part of our emergency fund into the stock market. However, my husband is still hesitant about lump sum investing. Since it is “our money”, both parties would have to agree here…

      1. dividelephant

        Hi EconoWiser,
        what’s the basis of that 392 %? one year of your annual expenses (=100 %) or monthly expenses? if you have 4x your annual expenses in the emergency fund, it’d be really a huuuuge one. 🙂


  2. 5 'o-clock-shadow mustache

    Ha, I have to convince my significant other into the mustachian ways as well.. (being equally hesitant)

  3. leo

    Waar ik benieuwd naar ben: Wat is het plan op het moment dat je de 100% bereikt? Stel dat de aandelenmarkt net op dat moment 50% crasht (zoals in 2008), wat is dan het scenario? Of ga je op een gegeven moment aandelen verschuiven naar obligaties of spaargeld?


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