The Global Rich List

Holland is a rich country and its inhabitants are very wealthy, even though sometimes they’re not aware of it. A person on welfare nets around €10.000 a year (including benefits) and according to the global rich list that income puts that person in the top 13% richest people in the world!

Somebody else who nets around €25.000 (including benefits) here in The Netherlands is in the top 2% richest people of the world. The top 1.28% to be exact! In my opinion, this is quite a regular income for somebody who went to college or university and works an average job. If you net around €28.000 (including benefits) a year you’ve made it into the top 1%! There are only 63 million people in the whole world richer than you. Errr…these people are regular persons here in The Netherlands. They’re not the evil people who control the world with the power of their money Occupy was all about when they talked about the top 1%. Maybe they should change that to the top 0.1%? (I’m not making any statements here about the ideas of occupy, I’m just questioning their numbers. The Wall Street high flyers were whom they were after and they’re much higher up on the list)

These numbers really made me aware of how wealthy our nation already is. Why are we complaining so much? It has also caused me to appreciate our wealth even more.

Is this list an eye opener for you as well?


Mrs EconoWiser

2 thoughts on “The Global Rich List

  1. valhallasblog

    Met een dak boven je hoofd, vers water uit de kraan, de mogelijkheid je huis warm te stoken, toegang tot gezond eten en levend in een vredig land mag je jezelf idd wel tot de rijkste mensen ter wereld rekenen, veel van ons ontberen toch minstens een van deze zaken. Ik denk dat die 1% van Occupy gewoon lekkerder bekt dan ”we are the 99.72%” ofzo.

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