3 thoughts on “Second FIRE meet-up Amsterdam with JL Collins as a podcast

  1. Matteo

    i’m from italy, living in new zealand, looking forward to invest on both sides, as soon as i can put my hands on vanguard! recently i’ve trying to open some accounts with online brokers.
    people talk about “etoro”. i’m a newbie but it seems to me that they trade CFDs (wich i’m still trying to understand what they are).
    I’ve searched on your blog and on jlcollins blog and moneymustache blog. no one mention on cfds.
    that to me equals that cfds are not good. i’m not trying to find cfds, i’m trying to buy vanguard, but i want to be sure that i don’t get CFDs instead. they seems to go too far from the real thing.
    can you help me with this? i don’t want to start investing in the completely wrong way.


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