Last Month’s Numbers

September 2015
Mortgage: 34.40 (+0.29)
Emergency fund: 186.8% (-31.6% because we invested a bunch of stocks! Still…way too much cash for my liking….)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 18.76% (When will we pass 20%??)
Savings rate this month: 32% (Boohooh, October is going to be worse…we booked a holiday home for a week. However, that’s something we’re really going to enjoy! ❤ )
Savings rate this year: 43% (Ok)

BTW, I’m starting to see that this whole process of decluttering, essentialism, minimalism, ERE, mindfulness and whatnot are all related to each other. It’s awesome! #personalgrowth ❤


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Last Month’s Numbers

  1. SenS

    Great how it all builds upon each other, like you said. I hope you’ll enjoy your vacation with the little ones. Have fun!

    Posted to let you know your investment tales have helped another anxious Dutch mustachian take the plunge. I’m even considering investing in dollars now. I remember you did consider that as a next step last year. Are you still planning to go into dollars or are you sticking to Meesman/VWRL?

  2. Mij

    Zet ‘m op! Nog 1 jaar werken en daarna 2 jaar recht ww 😉 en … FO! Succes, je kan het!
    mortage: 40%. Stash: 68%. SR: 64%.

  3. Daniel

    Following what SenS said in the first comment, Econowiser, you also helped a Spanish mustachian. Dank je wel!

    By the way, if you decide to invest in dollars please comment it in a future post. I invested in the S&P500, and I thought that to do it directly in USA was complicated (taxes, different currency, stock market opening hours). Therefore I bought a European version (the iShares core S&P500, in Ireland I think). So far, no problem.

    1. Frau Frugal

      This is my plan also 🙂 i am glad to hear that there has Not Been a Problem. The low annual costs is was attracted me to the iShares S&P 500!

      Greets from Germany


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