Frugal Holiday

We were thinking about our holiday(s) this year. We thought we’d rent a nice family cottage somewhere in The Netherlands. Then we started thinking about what we’d be doing all day. Well, with two kids under 18 months you’ll probably end up playing in and around the cottage, feeding them and putting them to sleep once in a while. So, why exactly do we want to pay top euros for such a deal? Hm….

We ditched that plan and decided to stay with close relatives who have a beautiful home which always reminds me of a holiday cottage and thus being on holiday when we stay there. Problem solved! How about that for a frugal holiday? And we’ll have free babysitters included in the deal. 😉

Next year I’d like to look into a home exchange. We don’t live in Amsterdam, which people in the home exchange scene seem to find very attractive. So I hope we’ll be able to find a match. I’d love to swap homes with a family in Great Britain. The hubby is very hesitant about this idea.

I think it’s a great idea. It’s frugal and fun. All these homes that are left empty while the owners are on holiday renting a very expensive temporary place to stay is a waste indeed.

Have you ever done a home exchange?

Lots of love,

Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Frugal Holiday

  1. Astrid

    I have family in GB, and especially young families have not the means to go on foreign holidays. I give it a good chance you’ll be able to make a good trade. Great plan!

  2. Daantje

    Misschien via het MMM forum? 🙂

    Wij zijn dit jaar naar Barcelona gegaan met Tobias. Vond ik wel een goed idee, want nu vliegt ie nog gratis 😉 Volgend jaar niet meer, dus dan blijven we waarschijnlijk wel even in NL 😀

  3. Mr. FSF

    Smart idea, we actually know quite a few people that have done this in one way or the other. Seems to have worked out well for most, although one couple had their holiday cut short as the owners came back early because of bad weather at their holiday destination. Not sure which website they used, need to ask.

  4. opnieuwbeginnen

    Ik heb een jaar ingeschreven gestaan in de Home exchange site. Wil(de) naar Australië. Twee keer een contract getekend. Toch kwam er geen huizenruil Eerste gezin ging plotsklaps verhuizen! en de andere liet niets meer van zich horen. Geen goede ervaring dus. Na het tweede debacle heb ik me meteen laten uitschrijven.
    Je hoort er goede verhalen over. Vooral voor gezinnen is het leuk, omdat het speelgoed voor de kinderen al op de vakantiebestemming aanwezig is.


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