Extended Payment In Shops

Oh dear, another great idea was launched here in The Netherlands. The new trend is to let people take the items they want and make them pay later from shops. Most of the Dutch do not pay with their credit cards, it’s basically the same principle. We have debit cards here. But then the amount due is extracted from your bank account immediately. This also causes an increase in sales around the end of the month when it’s payday. Retailers now hope to spread and increase their income by offering extended payment, just like customers are offered in online shops. Marketeers have decided that people “want and expect” this “service”.

The spendthrifts and shopaholics will cheer, I guess.



Mrs EconoWiser


7 thoughts on “Extended Payment In Shops

  1. bla

    I work for an e commerce site. You wouldn’t beleve the peak we see around the 20th of each month. Yep, salary just got in! Buy buy buy

  2. Bas

    This is just the same as paying with a credit card, the only difference is that paying with a cc costs the shop a lot of transaction fees and maybe paying through Afterpay is cheaper for them.
    I think there also was a press release from the EU this week to maximize the transaction fees cc companies could charge shops when a customer pays with a cc. In other words: customers should pay more with credit card..

  3. Woody M

    And if this service still is to costly for you because you have to pay after a few weeks you can always rent stuff like a washingmachine or laptop. Only €27,95 for just 5 years…. (Take a look at skala dot nl and be surprised/amazed)
    It is unbelievable for me that it is getting easier and easier to get yourself into debt and/or stuck to low monthly payment but for a long time. People need a face punch as advised by mr m.

    About creditcard: i have and use one for my online buying/ renting car / holiday. Recently I received info that the maximum interest will go down, but if you pay late the fine will go up. I think this company already took action before the new legislation is effective.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi Woody M, we should start an online Dutch facepunching service! 😉 One euro a pop! We’d be millionaires in no time! ;-)))

      Yep, we both have credit cards for the same purpose and pay the amount due immediately.

  4. Daantje

    Mij niet gezien in elk geval 😉 Dan is de nieuwigheid al van je aankoop af en moet je hem dan alsnog betalen…. Lijkt me een enorme domper juist 😛


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