We Bought A Car

Yep, yesterday we bought a car, a 2011 Toyota Verso. One we already saw a week ago, but didn’t test drive. We first went to see another car. It looked like the better deal….because it was cheaper. We thought we were going to buy that one. We took it for a test drive, parked it and took off the hood. The motor block didn’t look good at all. For a car that only had 56.000kms on the clock, it looked in really bad shape. Then we opened the maintenance book and there was our answer. There was only one stamp in there. The car had been taken to a garage in 12.000 for the first and last time! Yikes!

When we came back we were able to negotiate an even better deal, because of the stamps. I wanted to take a written offer along to our second best option. This turned out to be the best option. Yeah, it was more expensive. But the car had been serviced four times already with 68.000kms on the clock. Toyotas need to be serviced every 15.000kms, we were told. The motor block looked perfect, no rust, no damage, no weird stuff going on.

We were able to negotiate a good deal here, so we bought it. We’ll pick it up this Friday.

I’m so glad this whole car debacle is over. I hope and expect this car to last us at least 10 years.

Lots of love,

Mrs EconWiser


4 thoughts on “We Bought A Car

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I just love Top Gear…it’s great comedy, even if you’re not into cars like me.
      Thanks, the videos made me even more confident about our choice for a Toyata.

  1. Woody M

    and? Loving the new “japanese quality car” ride?
    I bet you will buy another car, not because this one broke down, but because you finally want something else after 10 years 😉


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