November Was A Disaster…Even Without Purchasing A New Car

Last month my husband bought some days off…so that decreased his income significantly. We also bought a double stroller on sale, since we’re going to need one in March. Our vacuum cleaner broke down and we had to buy a new one. The hubby had to buy himself some Hue lights, whatever. We went out for dinner. And….life’s what happened…really.

So, even without purchasing a new car (which we’re going to do in December) November is hereby declared a disaster. We spent a whopping 92% of our income. (Mind you: I do not include income from the side business here. I do not pay myself out. It’s just what’s left at the end of each year, basically.)

November 2014
Mortgage: 32.7% (0.06% increase)
Emergency fund: 400.8% (5% increase, due to the closing down sale of the side business)
Stash (=EF + stocks): 16.23%(0.48% increase, due to increase stock market and closing down sale…)
Spending to income ratio this month: 92% (Ugh….)
Spending to income ratio this year: 63% (since we are going to buy a car in December there’s no way we’re going to get that under 60%)

I decided to include the purchase of the car in next month’s numbers and not to write it off over a period of time. I mean, our last car was supposed to last us at least 10 years but it broke down after only 4 years. I am, however, interested in how much we spent without the purchase, so I’ll calculate that number as well. But in order for things to be fair, transparent and honest…I’ll include the purchase of the damn car in my annual overview. The hubby wanted it that way as well. (I was going to cheat….and be honest about the cheating….;-)…but after a few comments decided against that. Thanks, guys!)


Mrs Econowiser


7 thoughts on “November Was A Disaster…Even Without Purchasing A New Car

  1. Daantje

    Wat jammer dat je nou net zo op het laatste moment toch niet onder die 60% komt. 😦

    November was voor ons ook een erg dure maand, helaas. Maargoed, alle zeilen weer bij in december 😀

  2. Astrid

    We bought a sensible car (although husband has a more expensive taste in technology than I have) in 2011. Fine, good. It was a 4 year old, and should run for another 6 years. After 2 years it broke down to a point where husband declared it was going to suck money in repairs for the rest of its running years. Ugh. So we yet again bought a car.
    The new was a 2 year old, so a bit more expensive, but with the trade-in of the old off-setting it a bit. This car had better last us 8 years!
    Now husband was moaning about how this second car had eaten into the downpayment to the house we wanted to buy. The moaning went on for a while, and I declared I NEVER again want this to be eating into our savings slated for something else, like a mortgage!
    So I set up the car-fund. Every month we put a set amount into the car-fun, so in 6 years we’ll have enough money in the car fund to buy a car. The money doesn’t get touched for anything else, and certainly doesn’t get earmarked for anything else!
    I’m still miffed at the break down of what’s supposed to be a Good Brand Car, so I know how you feel about having to fork out oodles for (yet another) car.
    But I feel better about having the budget streamlined for car-purchasing-costs. And I’m VERY happy not to have to listen to husband moan. 😉

  3. Zakelijk Bezuiniger

    Niet iedere maand kan naar wens verlopen, en er is niks mis met een beetje genieten af en toe. Vroeg me wel 1 ding af, waarom heb je een dubbele kinderwagen gekocht? Hoe oud is de oudste als de 2de erbij komt?

    1. econowiser Post author

      De eerste is 12 maanden als de tweede komt. Ik was na 3 maanden alweer zwanger van de tweede…maar nu houden we ermee op, hoor! 😉 Een dubbele kinderwagen is dus echt nodig voor de oppasoma en buurvrouw en soms ook voor onszelf. Zelf zijn wij erg van de draagzak. Maar als mijn man of ik alleen zijn met de kinderen is 2 in draagzakken misschien wat onhandig. 😉 Het was een megagoede deal. Showroommodel, alles erop en eraan, met korting op korting omdat de vriendin van mijn moeder in die winkel werkt. Ik denk dat we hem dadelijk tweedehands kunnen verkopen met maximaal 200 euro erop inleveren.

      1. econowiser Post author

        Idd. Heb overwogen het bij een enkele wagen en draagzak te laten…maar dan zou ik oma en de oppasmoeder dwingen om met een draagzak te gaan lopen…leek me niet het beste plan.

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