This Month’s Numbers

July 2014
Mortgage: 32.18% (0.8% increase)
Emergency fund: 398% (57% increase….thanks to my windfall…we keep on throwing cash at our stocks on a monthly basis, but it will take a while before we get this down to 100%)
Stash: 12.07% (1.03% increase. FI, here we come! F-you money rocks!)
Income to spending ratio this month: 88% (we spent €1800 on a holiday home…since this will probably be my only holiday this year and we don’t want to take the baby camping just yet….sterilizing bottles without a microwave is a bitch….waahhhhhhwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, yeah, we’re wussypants! And our irone throne (aka car) cost us €450 this month.) No, I did not include the windfall, since it doesn’t count as income.
Income to spending ratio this year: 62% (I’m not worried, we’ll get to <60% in 2014!)

Tomorrow, we’re off to our holiday home. Yeah!


Mrs EconoWiser



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