This week I received another windfall. This will increase our ‘stash by 1.7%. (100% is the number at which we’ll declare ourselves FI) So, yeah, this certainly helps!

The minute I saw it on my bank account I transferred it to my savings account. We’re still sticking to buying stocks on a monthly basis instead of dumping most of our ‘stash into it in one go. In the meantime VWRL stocks are almost €53 each. Yikes!

When is that damn crash coming? 😉


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Windfall

  1. Dez

    When the crash has arrived, another crash might follow…

    And the crash might be TO a higher point than current prices.

    Stick. To. Strategy.


  2. leo

    Relaxed, even 17.000 eurootjes erbij! Good job. Wel jammer dat je hier aan het einde van het jaar weer 1.2% over af mag tikken bij de fiscus…

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hihi…de 100% is geen miljoen…dat zou te makkelijk berekenen zijn 😉

      Jup, die vermogensrendementsheffing is a bitch…maar goed…gelukkig “mag” ik het betalen in plaats van dat ik diep in de schulden zit 😉


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