The Side Business Continued

Thank you for all your thoughts on the side business.

Hiring an employee is a great idea! However, my side business is situated in an integrated part of our home. That would mean this employee would have to trot through our home in order to do his or her work. This is not an option.

I’d still like to be an entrepreneur. It’s just that this particular side business isn’t working for me. Firstly, I just can’t combine having to pick orders and send them with being a mother. Secondly, this side business just isn’t in line with my latest view of the world. I am selling crap and here I am condemning buying crap. That just doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t feel right anymore. I am thinking about becoming a budget coach or something like that on the side.That certainly would be more in line with the new me, don’t you think?

By the way, the day I told myself I was going to quit the side business felt like a huge load off my shoulders. I just know this is the right decision.


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “The Side Business Continued

  1. Diara

    If you felt relieved, it means it was truly the right decision for you. I can picture you well as a budget coach 🙂


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