Just Figuring Things Out

So, yesterday I explained a new strategy. The husband and myself were not very sure about it either. We’re just trying different things out. I got a number of responses in Dutch. For readers who can’t read Dutch: they don’t like this new strategy. Just buy the funds when you want to buy them against the going rate. This way we’re already euro cost averaging, so we shouldn’t be worried about the price we’re paying. Another smart remark was that the money was just sitting in an account now, without earning any interest or dividend. Yeah, that’s also true. Someone else said that stock prices usually go up after payday, which is just about now. So it would be better to invest between the 5th and 10th day of each month. And Frenchie’s comment is also very true!

Guess I am a slow learner?? πŸ˜‰ It’s the human emotions that get in the way. That’s why I’d like to automate these things as much as possible. This is already the case with Meesman, but I can’t do this with BinckBank. Except for wiring the money to BinckBank on a monthly basis. Well, that’s the first step!

The husband was also determined on buying stocks in April, because it’s “his month”. And today is the last day of April, so he’s going to buy them today.

I guess the new strategy isn’t a brilliant move after all. We could put in an order like this at the start of each month and if we didn’t manage to buy stocks at a lower price we should still buy at the going Β rate on day 8, 9 or 10 of that month.

Thanks for all your feedback!

We are going to get this investment vehicle going! Yes, don’t wait, invest!


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Just Figuring Things Out

  1. rationaldutch

    I think the best strategy is to completely ignore your emotions. Just pick a fixed day of the month, and pay the price at that day.

    I think you should prepare yourself for much stronger emotions in the future: Right now, the price for VWRL is kind of steady. But what will you do in a possible future when the price is dropping 5% each day for 5 days in a row. Will you buy, or just wait another day, trying to time the market.

    BTW: the payday-theory is nice to tell a party, but probably complete nonsense. If it were true, professional investors would pick up on it, which would destroy the effect directly.

  2. rationaldutch

    BTW: it is of course very easy to write this. But, I myself find that, every now and then, I am trying to time the market just a bit. It is bad, I know it. I really would like to have the combination of the freedom of Binck to buy every available ETF, the low-costs of Binck (no service-costs), and the automatic monthly investing of Meesman….

    Maybe somewhere in the future… πŸ™‚

  3. Charles

    I am a big fan of value averaging instead of dollar cost averaging. Once every quarter I look at my investment results, if they are below my quarterly goal, I invest and when I am above my quarterly goal I sell or do nothing(keeping trading costs low). The money from my sales and my monthly contribution for my investment portfolio goes to a saving account. When my portfolio results are below my quarterly goal, I use this money to purchase shares. I do this every last week of every quarter, since 2005 it has worked well for me.


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