In my hometown a Facebook page has been set up in order to encourage people to swap items that they don’t use anymore and want to get rid of. It’s all about swapping these things locally and meeting new people whether it be on or offline. I’ve signed up for this, but haven’t swapped anything yet. I figured this not the handiest time ever since I could go into labour any moment now.

However, one of my neighbours has turned into an avid swapper. She came across this woman with three daughters who was interested in one of her items and only had baby’s clothes on offer. She phoned me whether I would object to her getting gifts for our baby this way. Hell no! I LOVE this idea! So she swapped the items and she just couldn’t wait for the baby to come in order to give me the baby’s clothes she got through swapping. Haha! I think there were about second-hand 25 (!!!) items and they’re really cool! I am over the moon with this gift. I just love how it didn’t cost her anything but her time and an item she didn’t use anymore anyway. Her baby shower gift to me was also really cool: she’s going to bake a pie for her first birthday. She’s really good at baking cakes. I mean, how cool is this?! I think I have met a like-minded person in my neighbourhood, yay!!!

Would you have objected to this idea?


Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. I am so going to join this swap thing after the baby is born. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!


One thought on “Swapping

  1. starfish

    Sounds wonderful!! I wouldn’t mind swapping things if I had stuff to swap, and I wouldn’t say no to second hand gifts obtained that way (as long as the former owners didn’t smoke or own very hairy pets and stuff). This reminds me of the times in my childhood when my grandparents (who live in a different city) always had one or two huge big bags of clothes collected from neighbours and family in their storage room; and every time we visited them we would rummage through these piles to find something we could use. That way we could get old clothes e.g. from my older cousins who live at the other end of the county. And babies/toddlers outgrow their clothes at such a fast rate that used clothes will be next to new in many cases.


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