Spring time!

Oh, the weather is gorgeous here in The Netherlands. The sun is shining and it really is spring. Me and my pregger belly are biking (I’m a badass Mustachian after all!) everywhere and we’re loving it!

Speaking of bikes. The husband had his bike “fixed” a couple of months ago but he was very unsatisfied with the job they did on the acceleration cable. He bought a new one and spent an hour and a half teaching himself while doing how to repair this thing. With thanks to the manual found on the internet. Turns out the bicycle repair shop had forgotten to put on the two caps on both ends… Next time, he’ll do the job himself and it’ll take him half an hour at best. Yeah, he’s also a badass Mustachian!

In the meantime I’m filling my time with chores and tasks I set for myself…oh and relax a bit here and there. And do things at a slow pace. I’m feeling rather mindful an Zen. I vested our headboard and box springs so that it looks like a posh bed instead of an Ikea bed. (There’s nothing wrong with Ikea beds…however, our headboard came without sheeting.) I also made garden cushions for our garden set myself. Yep, back in love with my sewing machine.

However, now there are just not that many chores and tasks left. I make sure the laundry is done and the house is clean and presentable. I mean, you can’t have a dirty and untidy house when having a baby…right?! Oh dear…

So, there’s not that much for me to do.

I guess I”ll just go outside now, sit in the sun and read a book.


Mrs EconoWiser


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