Baby Moon?

Okay, I signed up for these freebie baby boxes. I don’t know why…I just did. Turned out they contained a lot of shit I’m not going to use anyway. No, I’m not interested in some fancypants parenting magazine. No, I don’t want the newest trendy baby must haves.

Note to self: do not sign up for freebies.

Because these companies now have my address I get spammed with lots of ridiculous things. The latest trend: a baby moon! Yeah, why not go on a nice little pre-baby bearing holiday?!

Jeez, the vicious marketing people have been at it again.

By the way, the baby’s doing great. Kickin’ like crazy! Almost 33 weeks now!


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “Baby Moon?

  1. valhalla

    Arh. The rubber ducky full of ftalates and other suspicious ingredients, a sample of formula, a magazine full of musthaves such as a diaper-case (not a diaper bag, but an extra case for diapers…), 89 euro’s for shoes for a baby who can not even walk… Beware of the Blije Doos, because you’ll have a saleswoman at your door when your baby is 6 weeks or something.

    I was really surprised to see how quickly the advertising maffia knew I was pregnant…

    1. econowiser Post author

      Yeah, advertising maffia, that’s them!
      The products in those boxes were ridiculous. Alcohol-free beverages WTF?!
      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll shut the door right in her face! Plus: we have an anti door-to-door sales sticker on our front door.


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