25 Weeks Pregnant

We went to the midwife yesterday, which was fun. The stubborn kid is still in breech presentation as I had already suspected since the little one likes to kick against my bladder day and night. As of today I’m 25 weeks pregnant. Phew, time flies when you’re having fun! It really feels as if things are going way too fast. Before you know it…we’ll have a kid. And then what? We’ll be parents and we’ll be responsible for this tiny person. I guess every parent can relate to this feeling?

Anyway, we still haven’t succumbed to literally buying ourselves into parenthood. We still only own the second-hand stuff which we bought months ago. And the new chair my parents gave me. The plan is to buy a few bits and bobs (the kid needs a mattress, I guess? ;-)) and we plan to do that at the end of December. The idea is to buy blankets without a bear/sheep/stars/orwhateverthetrendis theme and have the baby’s name embroided on the sheets. On the part of the white sheet that you fold a blanket so it’s exposed. We think that will look cute. That’s about the only unneccessary expense we’ll make in order to make things look cute. You’ll see the pictures when we’re done. The baby’s room is going to be white, grey and lime green. If it’s a girl we’ll add some pink and if it’s a boy we’ll add some blue.

Well, I’m off doing an analysis on this index investing thing. Oh, and we’re going to put up our christmas tree today. Yay! And finish three books by Tom Hodgkinson (recommended by Valhalla, thanks!) on how to be lazy. You might find this video interesting as well.


Mrs EconoWiser


6 thoughts on “25 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Cleo

    Great news! I did like the idea of embroidered sheets as well, but in the end the little sleepingbags are much more practical. The little ones are as volatile as an EM-index  .

  2. valhalla

    Op MP staan vaak mensen die een borduurmachine hebben en het voor je kunnen, goedkoper dan in de winkel. Maar dat wist jij als überbespaarder ook wel 😀
    Zo grappig al die adviezen als je zwanger bent. Mijn kinderen werden hysterisch in slaapzakken, ik kleedde ze gewoon warm aan in bed. De 19e heb je weer een echo toch? Ben zo benieuwd!

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hihi, een vriendinnetje riep al: oh dat kun je door mijn tante laten doen. Gezellig!
      Jaja, de 19e. Hopelijk laat ons (b)engeltje (om maar lekker in de kerstsfeer te komen) zich dan wel goed zien!

  3. rebekkastarfish

    I’d totally skip the pink/blue part as well 😀 Saves money, time, and later on nerves and money again as the kids won’t be so conditioned on the binary colour coding used in toys, clothes, and nearly everything for the young ones 😀 Love the idea with the embroidering, it will make for a much more personal keepsake one day!

    1. econowiser Post author

      Jup, I don’t like the binary colour coding either. So it would be a teeny tinsy bit of pink or blue and mostly lime green, white and grey. We will opt for unisex toys as much as possible. Let’s see how we’ll fare on that…


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