Side Business

The side business is kind of busy at the moment. Tis the season and people are shopping like crazy. I have found a new product which is doing great. I can sell the stuff for 8-10 times purchasing price. Those are always cool cash cow products.

However, it is getting a bit weird being on “the other side” as well. I am living a rather frugal life myself…but I am encouraging people to buy my stuff. It’s rather small stuff, does that make it any better? 😉

Oh well, there will always be consumers and frugalists. It would be weird to quit the side business, just because I wouldn’t buy the stuff I’m selling myself. That would also mean that I shouldn’t be investing in stocks…because, hey, those companies are trying to make money by selling stuff as well. Right?

And on the other hand, I am trying to convince other people not to spend money on stuff they don’t want, avoid debt and save/invest the surplus. So I’m doing the right thing here, aren’t I? Not that I’m doing something evil while running the side business. My customers are happy and my customer service is excellent.


Mrs EconoWiser


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