€1700 a year saved on childcare

Yesterday we talked to our neighbour who is going to look after our kid for a day a week. From the end of August 2014 I’ll start working three days a week instead of four for a whole academic year. The plan is as follows:

Monday: Mrs EconoWiser
Tuesday: Husband’s parents
Wednesday: Neighbour
Thursday: Mrs Econowiser
Friday: Husband

My parents were not able to look after the kid during weekdays after all. They’re entrepreneurs and for my mother to come in and look after the kid for a day would mean they would have to hire an extra employee for that day. But they have offered to look after the kid during evenings/nights and weekends if and when we’re interested.

This means that we only have to pay (the husband’s parents don’t want to get paid, obviously we will give them other things to show our appreciation like taking them out for dinner every once in a while or something else they like) for childcare one day a week.

The cost comparison with a daycare centre is huge. Our daycare charges a monthly membership fee of €310. As I don’t work during all school holidays, we would still have to pay for those days. So that’s 12 weeks a year extra, whereas we only need 40 weeks a year. A daycare centre would cost €3720 a year. In The Netherlands childcare is subsidized, which means that the government will repay a certain percentage and that depends on your income. However, our combined income is way too high for this subsidy, so we’d be paying the full price.

Our neighbour charges €5 an hour and food is included. She’ll look after the kid for 10 hours a day so this will cost us €50 a week. She won’t look after it during all school holidays, which means we’ll pay for her services for 40 weeks a year and that comes to a total of €2000 a year.

I still don’t have a clue about how I’ll feel about working and leaving the kid with other people…we’ll see. For now, it looks like we have a sound plan.


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “€1700 a year saved on childcare

    1. econowiser Post author

      Ah, thanks!I based my calculations on the current rules. I had no idea about this new version. Let’s see, in that case it would cost us €3050 a year. So we’d still be saving €1050 each year. Plus…you never know what the rules in 2015 will be with our fickle government.
      Thanks for the info!

    2. econowiser Post author

      And the second kid is much cheaper…however if the neighbour asks €5 for that kid as well it’s still cheaper than daycare. However, on average people will charge €8-9 an hour for taking care of two kids…so daycare will always be much more expensive for us.


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