Toy Merchants Are Conning Parents

According to this Dutch article the toy merchants are conning parents. It’s probably the same thing in other countries. See, what they do is they increase prices toward December. A lego train which was  €99.95 in July is now “on sale” from €124.95 for €114.95. Ehm…

This again shows us that we have to be very careful when it comes to pinching pennies and making use of sale items. Plus, it’s very wise to do your December shopping during summer. That’s when the real close out sales are on and you’ll find great bargains.

It’s what I plan to do in the future. Obviously, I won’t be buying too much shit since I’m in a minimalistic vibe here. The grandparents will probably spoil the kid(s) rotten anyways…


Mrs EconoWiser


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