The Wish List Habit

This weekend we went to a board game event. At this event you’re able to try out many (new) board games and buy some if you’re interested. We went with a group of friends and had a lot of fun.

We were tempted to buy a couple of games that we really enjoyed playing. After some deliberation we decided against it and put them on our wish list instead. With December coming up we expect requests for our wish lists.

I’ve also made a baby wish list. I keep adding cute gifts to the list that would be useful for the kid. I don’t know whether this is too control freakish…but I would also hate for the baby to get fifteen stuffed animals and no other useful things for example. As I am sort of in a minimalist mood anyways…

This habit also prevents us (well…me…the husband doesn’t do impulse buying) from buying stuff we don’t really need or want anyway. I find myself adding and deleting gift ideas to and from the lists a couple of times a month. Sometimes I am amazed at the stuff I thought I wanted…seriously…what was I thinking wanting a super expensive designer bouncer for the baby?? It’s off the list now!

Besides all these benefits it’s also really handy that the lists are online accessible. I can adjust them anytime and anywhere. They’re also accessible to friend and family who ask us what kind of presents would make us happy.

Should I put a reference to the baby’s list on the baby’s birth announcement?

Do you have an online wish list?


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “The Wish List Habit

  1. valhalla

    We have a very small family, we only got cute stuff we could really use… But if you have 50 people coming to visit the little one, I would also make a list of stuff people could buy if they really wanted to give something I guess.

    But I still think a baby really needs.. nothing…. besides mothers milk, warmth, protection and attention. Some comfy clothes… that’s it. But when we had our first, I thougt babies needed more than that. But they need less. Less stuff, and more… more you ❤

    1. econowiser Post author

      We have lots of friends that will be coming over…yeah I think I’ll let them know there’s a list. There are also things on the list that are not welcome…shitty toys that make too much noise and don’t challenge a kid to use its imagination. I just hope people don’t buy that kind of crap for them.
      I am totally convinced that you’re right. You’ve taught me so much already. I think we already have almost everything we need for the little one, right now. Well…we need a matrass for the crib…but that’s about it! Friends have given us their baby stuff and things keep coming in. We won’t need to buy any towels or socks anymore!


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