This And That

These past couple of days I’ve been working on the side business quite a bit. It was time to send the newsletter and that paid off.

Furthermore, I’ve been arranging household thingies like renegotiating our gas and electricity prices for the next year. I saved us a couple of hundred euros in less than half an hour. Loved it!

I also decluttered the pantry and tossed out things that were expired. Oops… Now, I’m going to make do with whatever we have left. That’s sort of saving on the grocery bill.

I’ve also arranged a couple of maternity classes (yoga, breast-feeding and pregnancy for 2) I’m going to take and my medical insurance will cover all of those. Another €200 saved.

It feels good to declutter, get things organized and done with.

Next week Monday we’re going to the hospital to have a look at the “delivery suite” and gather more information on having a baby there. Cool!

Mondays are sort of my housewife days…haha!


Mrs EconoWiser


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