Frugal Fascinator

Sorry guys, it’s a very girly post today.

We’ll attend a wedding tomorrow and I know the couple appreciate guests wearing a smart outfit. The bride wore a fancy outfit to our wedding and put on this lovely hat. The wedding will also take place in a rather posh setting. I had this crazy idea of wanting to wear a fascinator to the ceremony. Our Queen likes to wear those things as well. They’re not really hats, a head-piece if you will.

While I was running some errands in town I went to a shop which sells these fascinators. They were really cool and I tried lots of them on. However, the ones I liked were about €20. In the shop I suddenly asked myself what the hell I was doing. Was I really going to spend money on a piece that I would only wear once or twice? Doesn’t this go against the whole you’ve-already-got-too-much-stuff-idea? Yeah, it did.

So I headed home and scoured my creative supplies. I found everything I needed to make my very own fascinator.


And this is the fascinator I created.


I had a blast making this. I was able to embed my creativity and craft skills in this little project and thus didn’t spend money on buying another piece of junk. I made the piece of junk myself 😉

While I was making this thing the husband thought of trying one of his suits. He has two suits, his wedding suit and a suit that I bought him a couple of years ago on sale. He didn’t own a suit then and I insisted on buying him one. He didn’t see the need then, but I told him he’d come around as soon as we’d have to attend a wedding or a funeral. Obviously, I was right. He wore it on several occasions and is now grateful for my clairvoyant gift (or rather, logical reasoning). The suit still fit and he tried his wedding shoes which are more posh than his other shoes for this occasion. Yep, the hubby will look smart tomorrow.

Being pregnant I was scared I couldn’t find anything proper to wear. I found this cute dress I bought second-hand for €5 about two years ago. It fit nicely and I’ll wear a posh jacket to go with it. I’ll combine that with some bling bling jewelry and the fascinator.

I am very confident we’ll look smart and nobody would be able to guess it was all put together on a shoestring budget.

Don’t you just love this kind of stuff? The outsmarting drone consumers part…maybe not the girly fascinator is what I’m talking about.


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “Frugal Fascinator

  1. Daantje

    Echt jammer dat je geen foto’s van jezelf op de blog plaatst, ik ben erg benieuwd hoe het je staat allemaal 🙂 vind het sowieso echt supergaaf hoe je dat zelf in elkaar hebt gezet!!

    Hier ben ik heel blij met een jurkje dat ik mag lenen tijdens de hele zwangerschap van een vriendin van mij. Is echt een supergaaf jurkje, maar zelf zou ik het niet snel kopen omdat ik het te duur vind…. Maar ik draag hem nu echt heel vaak, ook naar allerlei feestelijke gelegenheden 🙂


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