The Number Fest!

Yesterday evening I worked out the numbers for September and this is our situation as per the first of October.

October 2013
Mortgage: 30.72% (I hate the fact that we can’t make extra mortgage payments anymore…)
Emergency fund: 107% (4% increase! We’re looking at increasing our monthly investments because emergency fund stash only fetches 1.85% interest at the moment.)
Stash: 3.98% (I’ve decided to set ourselves a goal here: 5% by the first of January 2014)
Income to spending ratio this month: 57% (NO WAY!!! We bought a second-hand nursery, went out for dinner a couple of times, had a birthday party and the husband bought a new shaving device because the old one broke. I didn’t expect this!!!)
Income to spending ratio this year: 64% (It dropped by 1%, yay! Maybe we should challenge ourselves and go for 60% this year?)

You can find these numbers under the special MORTGAGE, SAVINGS, INVESTMENTS AND YEARLY SURPLUS tab I have created.

Our original goal was to not spend 25% of our income this year and 30% next year. Ehm…we’ve managed to not spend 36% up till now. So, maybe we should be a bit more ambitious and go for spending only 60% this year and thus saving 40%? Well, at least we’ll nail that 65% over 35% number this year already.

How did you do in September?


Mrs EconoWiser


7 thoughts on “The Number Fest!

  1. Daantje

    September was hier echt afschuwelijk! 😉 Ik ben zó blij dat die maand voorbij is!!

    Opzich wel veel dingen gekocht en gedaan, zoals baby-uitzet en een kachel geplaatst, maar toch doet het zeer als je aan het eind van de maand een bedrag terug moet schrijven vanaf je spaarrekening, omdat je niet uitkomt met het gewone salaris…. Daar baalde ik echt van!!

    Deze maand weer met goede moed opnieuw begonnen 🙂

      1. Daantje

        Ik ga mijn best doen, maar ik weet ook dat ik toch wel wat dingen nieuw zal moeten kopen… zo vlak voor de bevalling kan ik niet af gaan wachten of ik bepaalde dingen nog op internet tegenkom 😉

  2. Stephan

    After buying a house in June, helding a “normal” (not frugal) wedding in July and buying a used car (VW Golf VI) for my wife in August, we managed to save around 40% of our income in september. But it’s just a rough calculation, i will update my spreadsheet this weekend (tomorrow is Unity Day in Germany, so it’s a long weekend for me)

  3. ari-atari

    Just wondering which software you are using to keep track of the costs. I have a large spreadsheet with several pages for the planning, but it’s something else to keep the tracking right. For daily use we have three bank accounts, one ING just for food and other household costs, the other two (ING and ASN) for the salaries and fixed costs.
    Mr. Moneymustache recommends MINT, but I’m not sure that will work with €. What do you think?


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