How About That Shut-Down?

The democrats and republicans couldn’t come to an agreement in the USA and now there’s a governmental shut-down. The last shut-down was in 1996 and it had a severe impact on the economy. I was too young then to have noticed such a thing. I don’t think the Dutch government has ever called for a shut-down like that.

I wonder what this whole thing means for the public. I guess it’ll make life a lot more difficult?

In 1995 and 1996 the same issue was at stake: medicare. Being Dutch I just can’t understand why people would not want affordable health insurance. Everybody has health insurance. A very small group of people fail to get insurance and they’ll be fined if the government finds out, but even if they’re ill they’ll still be treated properly. Also, in The Netherlands health insurance companies cannot reject people to take out a health insurance policy with them. My health insurance costs €1290 per year and that also covers some extra expenses. You’d think people are sick and tired of paying thousands of dollars a year for shitty health insurance and having people just die of illnesses because they weren’t insured or worse…their health insurance won’t pay up because of some stupid reason. Ok, I watched Sicko.

What’s your opinion here?


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “How About That Shut-Down?

  1. Daantje

    Sicko zag ik laatst voorbij komen op Netflix, moet ik ook nog eens kijken 🙂

    Van wat ik weet over de situatie in Amerika vind ik het echt bizar. Heel erg dat een land waar door veel mensen zo tegenop wordt gekeken zulke slechte gezondheidszorg en zorg voor zijn mensen heeft… Hopelijk gaat het hier nooit zo ver komen!


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